Structural Stability


Our structural stability sessions are osteopath lead 1-2-1 classes targeting directly into the muscle groups that need strengthening within you. Creating a strong foundation and stable base to support your daily challenges and creating optimal health of your joints and connective tissues.

When we are structurally stable we can move through life without risk of injury, free from pain and discomfort. However, when our joints are unstable or weak we are vulnerable to the strains and stresses of every day activities such as lifting, twisting, running and forward folding.

Typically a structural stability session will be scheduled directly after a more conventional osteopathy session. Half an hour on the couch followed by half an hour in the studio, on the mat, to teach you to move safely through your individual excersise programme.

Structural Stability is £80 for an hour, and is taught by Flow co-founder Ben Parker.

Structural Stability Classes

Please contact 01892 671674 for more information and to book – or request an appointment online by clicking here

1-2-1 Structural Stability   Osteopath led Structural Stability Class