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There are many different reasons to choose some private 1-2-1 yoga sessions. Initially it’s a great way to safely start a yoga practice. A 1-2-1 can directly assess your needs and requirements as well as showing you areas where you might need extra help or support. Beginning with a series of 2 – 6 sessions can give you the tools and confidence to launch yourself into group classes in the knowledge that you are working your body within it’s capabilities and safely. A private session can also compliment group sessions perfectly. Perhaps taking a 1-2-1 once a month or quarterly to check that your regular practice is not dropping into bad habits or leaving you confused about a particular pose or movement pattern. Finally, private sessions are wonderful if you have a specific issue that you wish to address, stress, depression, illness or rehabilitation from a recent operation or injury.


Our private sessions are normally one hour and cost £60 per hour for 1 or 2 students.  We offer other options for larger groups or special occasions.

Most 1-2-1 classes are taught by Lucy Parker, although all Flow teachers are also available for 1-2-1 sessions on request. Please email for more information and to book a time that suits you.

Greta Sani teaches students privately at Flow on a Tuesday or  Thursday at 11am.  A private one to one with Greta is a wonderful opportunity to tailor the practice of yoga to a student’s needs.  Whether a complete beginner wanting to build confidence to join an open class, a more seasoned student wanting to deepen their practice or a student who is either recovering from surgery, post-natal or has particular requirements.  Greta offers an individual and truly rewarding personal yoga experience.