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We have a number of different massage therapists at Flow.

ROGER DWEK is our in-house massage therapist who offers holistic massage treatments including acupressure, cranial, Swedish, neuromuscular and No Hands techniques.  Roger is at Flow every Thursday afternoon and evening.

Both of our Associate Osteopaths, LIZ POWELL and KIM WESTERMAN, offer Sport Massage as well as specialist Pregnancy Massage.

LOLLY PATENALL practices Shiatsu massage, but is currently on maternity leave till June 2017.



Statistics confirm that 90% of disease is stress related.  Human touch in a context that is safe, professional and friendly is incredibly therapeutic and relaxing, soothing anxiety and depression by the body releasing endorphins. This promotes natural healing.

Massage offers emotional and physical space in which to feel, breathe, let go and release. It also invigorates, energises and nourishes.


Sessions are individually crafted and specific to the client’s needs, even when the client is consciously unaware of their requirements. Your therapist works with clients offering a unique and safe open space: to feel whatever they need to feel in that special therapeutic moment.


Roger Dwek first began massaging at the age of 12, helping to soothe and relieve his mother’s migraines. Her encouragement about his healing touch spurred him to practice on other family and friends. Roger has been in private practice for over 20 years. He qualified with ITEC in Massage Therapy in 1993; received BSc [Hons] in Neuromuscular Therapeutic Massage in 2009; diploma in No Hands Massage 2014. Roger’s massage incorporates multiple techniques within a holistic and intuitive framework and each session is unique to the client’s individual needs, wants and circumstances. His aim is to create an environment of peace, tranquility and presence. Sessions can be soothing, invigorating, energising and blissful. As well as massage Roger lists his other interests as holistic living that incorporates raw foods, Qi gong, yoga, walking. He is a qualified ceramics artist and loves being a natural nurturing Dad.

Roger charges £60 for a one-hour treatment and is at Flow Tunbridge Wells every Thursday afternoon and evening.


Our Associate Osteopaths, Liz Powell and Kim Westerman, offer Sports Massage at both Flow Tunbridge Wells and Groombridge. Sports Massage is charged at £45 for half an hour or £60 for three quarters of an hour.  Liz Powell also offers specialist Pregnancy Massage at £60 for one hour.

Liz is at Flow Tunbridge Wells on Thursday and Saturday mornings and in Groombridge on Wednesday afternoons and evenings.

Kim is in Groombridge on Tuesday afternoons and evenings and Saturday mornings.


Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful way to celebrate, to connect, and to relax. A session will include some time to talk about your pregnancy and your general health as well as relaxing massage at a pressure that feels right to you, movements with the limbs to help with lymphatic drainage, and time to talk about work you can be doing at home to make the most of your pregnancy and prepare for birth. This might include exercises to be done on your own or with a partner that help to relieve tightness and soreness, or that help to gently build strength needed to practise different positions for birth. Since the session will be performed by an osteopath, there is also the chance to ask any questions about anything that might be worrying you and receive advice as to whether these need referring on to a doctor, midwife or other healthcare professional.

Shiatsu Massage for Pregnancy


All treatments must be booked in advance. Payment is made to the practitioner on the day. However, all treatments must be paid for in full unless cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.

Click here or telephone 01892 671764 to book