Flow is now very much part of my family’s life; helping all of us to keep moving and stay healthy. I’ve been coming to yoga at Flow since it started in 2015 (and even before that attending classes with Lucy at her previous yoga studio on the Pantiles). It’s a lovely, unique venue; warm, safe, inviting and vibrant. There is a wide range of yoga on offer and all the teachers are brilliant; committed yogis eager to pass on their love of their own practice. My husband is a regular visitor to Flow’s Osteopaths and my daughter is about to start her own yoga journey by going to a class tailored just for kids her age! Personally, yoga at Flow has helped me cope with lots that life has thrown my way, good and bad, and I know it will continue to do so in the future. It’s a very special place full of lovely people and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Flow to anyone!

Siobhan Fitzgerald

Flow is such a beautiful space in which to spend time, an escape from the busy world and an opportunity to reconnect with the self. Offering a selection of great yoga teachers, treatments, workshops and trainings, you know whatever you chose at Flow will be some of the best available. A real haven in Tunbridge Wells.

Francesca Gilpin

I am so grateful to Lucy and Ben for creating such a beautiful, warm and friendly space. Whether it’s a yoga class, a workshop or a treatment, I always leave feeling a little bit lighter and ready to face the world with renewed enthusiasm.

Louise Bond

There are yoga classes and then there are communities of people who come together to share an experience of yoga.
Flow is a community, it offers yoga, but so much more. I feel welcome and part of something, I feel safe and protected to find my own way. Flow is a class, a course, a journey or what ever else you might need. Finally I just really like the people who teach and who attend Flow yoga.


Lucy and Ben have created such a special and sacred space here at Flow. They have taken the magical core elements of Lucy’s first yoga studio, and combined those with years of experience they both have in their own fields to create an older, wiser, more mindful version of the original baby we all fell in love with. I feel very lucky to be so warmly welcomed in such a special place in the centre of Tunbridge Wells. My life would be incomplete without Lucy and Flow x

Melissa Bandtock

Ben has provided me with back care for a number of years. He has helped me through times of back crisis and also provides care and maintenance for my back and neck problems. I have total confidence in his professionalism and his diagnostic skills and treatment regimes.

Paul Condon

I started my yoga journey with flow as a complete beginner just two years ago. Lucy was very warm, welcoming and authentic. I was expertly guided and felt in safe hands. She instilled confidence in me I never thought possible. I have gained physical and mental strength from yoga which is now part of my daily life.

Trish Hodgkinson

Every time I walk up the gravel path to Flow I feel the rest of my day slip from my shoulders and I look forward to just being on my mat in a safe, warm and friendly space. Lucy and all of her different yoga teachers have a true passion for what they do and it shines through. They bring a long history of experience to each class which shows up in their relaxed and confident approach to teaching. There is often humour in the room and everyone is encouraged to work in a way that suits their own body without pressure to perform or be competitively bendy! From my first private lesson with Lucy to my regular Kundalini class with Sally I have always been looked after and walk away each time feeling my energy has positively shifted.

Sam Barton

Lucy works with great skill and sensitivity. She always has a plan but then adapts it to how you are feeling and what you need on the day. Very often, by the way, I haven’t known what I needed. Lucy has been a big part of my recovery from debilitating mental illness and I love and thank her for that.

Elizabeth Piper


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