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Everyone in THE TEAM know each other well. We know how we all work and have a huge respect for each other. If we think you need Yoga you will be suggested to give Yoga a go and offered a class that we think would be best for you. If you have an injury or are just not feeling 100% we can direct you to the practitioner that we think will offer you the most support. Our aim is to help you to move better, feel better, live better.


Lead Yoga Teacher

Yoga has been part of my life since my University days, over 25 years ago. The amazing adaptability of yoga has meant that at each stage of my adult life – happy, sad, blissful or chaotic – yoga has carried me through. Yoga has supported me during times of stress and even crisis. At times of joy and happiness I have practiced energetic and dynamic yoga, and when in doubt or confusion, yoga has given me clarity of thought and strength of character.

I hope to share all of these aspects of yoga in my studio. To offer dynamic flowing classes to those full of energy, to give space and peace for those in stress and anxiety, and to encourage us all to fully relax when we need it most.

I am a fully qualified Yoga &  Meditation Teacher, having graduated from the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma course in May 2011. Yogacampus is one of the UK’s top teacher training courses, based in London. The ethos of the course is to approach yoga in a non-dogmatic and authentic way through the expert advice and guidance of Internationally recognized teachers across many yoga traditions. My diploma is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance.  My meditation teacher training was taught by Alexander Filmer -Lorch, whom I currently consider my main inspiration and infulence.

I have also attended workshops with Internationally recognized teachers including, Alexander Filmer-Lorch, Judith Lasater,Uma Dinsmore-Tuli ,Richard Freeman, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Liz Lark.

Classes daily – Private Sessions also available. See full Timetable and Workshop page.


Lead Osteopath

Ben Parker has been a local osteopath for nearly 20 years. He has extensive experience in working with individuals with a wide range of physical complaints.

He is particularly interested in helping people to understand the causes of their injuries and how to prevent their recurrence.

Ben emphasises the importance of exercise in the process of recovery and understands how Yoga and osteopathy can work in synergy to promote overall well-being. Ben also offers Structural Stability 1-2-1 sessions in the studio.  For more information please see Ben’s website.

All appointments are held on-site in FLOW or at Groombridge Osteopathy.


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Reiki Master

Ruth Brown is a Reiki Master and offers appointments at our Groombridge Osteopathy Clinic. She was introduced to Reiki from seeking support for episodes of stress and insomnia. She is a member of the UK Reiki Federation and abides by their strict codes of Ethics and Standards of Practice. She holds public liability insurance.

Ruth also works as a Projects and Administration Manager for a local Mental Health Charity. She has a real passion for looking after my wellbeing and helping others to look after theirs too.

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher

My role as a yoga teacher is greatly influenced by being a Movement Therapist and a Franklin Method Educator. I am interested in guiding you into felt experiences so that you can have a direct understanding of your current reality. Where you are obstructed, fixed or unsupported, as well as affirming the presence of flow, structural support and natural responsiveness in your body and in your mind.

In the broader sense of movement education, I like to work with imagery, stillness, drawing, noticing, body sensing, embodiment, meditation, sculpting, patterning, writing and imagery. I often use a combination of these activities in classes, workshops and courses to help you explore your capacity to contain and discharge tension, or to help you notice your resistance patterns to releasing your tension and of course to develop your ability to receive sensory data and the present moment.

Working on the basis that you learn in real life experience, not just in an academic sense, to move yourself you have to experience yourself moving and experience where you are unable to move.

The goal, if any, is to first experience ourselves as we are now. The make up of our ‘whole’, the ratio of frozen and alive aspects as it currently presents. To practice “bridging” between the two seeming opposites helps nurture what we call a unified state. And finally to be able to carry this basic experience out into the situations and activities of daily life.

Massage Tunbridge Wells


Massage Therapist

Roger first began massaging at the age of 12, helping to soothe and relieve his mothers’s migraines. Her encouragement about his healing touch spurred him to practice on other family and friends. His massage incorporates many techniques within a holistic and intuitive framework.

Each session is unique to the client’s individual needs, wants and circumstances. His aim is to create an environment of peace, tranquility and presence. These sessions can be soothing, invigorating, energising and blissful.

As well as massage Roger lists his other interests to include holistic living that incorporates raw foods, Qi gong, yoga, walking. Roger is a qualified ceramics artist and loves being a natural nurturing Dad.

Roger qualified with ITEC in Massage Therapy in 1993; received BSc [Hons] in Neuromuscular Therapeutic Massage in 2009; diploma in No Hands Massage 2014. Has been in private practice for over 20 years.


Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher

Yoga has been a huge part of my life since I took my first Ashtanga Vinyasa lesson 19 years ago. I simply loved it but had no idea at the time how life changing it was going to be for me, or that I would end up as a teacher.

However I’ve now been teaching for 14 years. I’m registered as a Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and hold the British Wheel of Yoga Teachers Diploma as well as Perinatal Diploma from The Birthlight Trust.

I teach Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Yoga for mums and babies. I’m delighted to now be joining the Flow team to teach Pregnancy Yoga.

For more information please see Brigid’s website.


Yoga Teacher

My name is Angela Goff.  I started teaching exercise classes almost 16 years ago.  My background has been very varied – I first qualified to teach aerobics which gave me a good start in the world of teaching.  I then went on the teach Pilates, Body Pump and Body Balance – which finally led me to being introduced to yoga.

I qualified to teach yoga in 2009 and since then yoga has become my passion.  I love the way the philosophy blends so well with the physical practice and the real health benefits a regular practice can bring.


Guest Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Scott has been practicing yoga since 1999 and has taught Astanga Yoga since 2003. He was an early graduate of the John Scott teacher training program. In 2009 he co-founded Stillpoint Yoga London (SYL), an Ashtanga Yoga Mysore studio in central London which runs Monday-Friday from 6.30 to 10 a.m. where he is the principal teacher.

SYL has assisted many people in waking up to the self-practice, Mysore-style method of Ashtanga Yoga, and nurtures a very close and inspiring community. Scott facilitates workshops and trainings with some of the world’s leading teachers. He is also a senior teacher with the Yoga Alliance UK, one of the main UK associations.

Currently he is developing his work as a Mindfulness Yoga teacher/trainer through an in-depth training program with the Clear Mind Institute, which nurtures this path. A yoga workshop with Scott is insightful, kind-hearted, and gets to the heart of why we practice yoga. See Stillpoint Yoga London.


Specialist Anxiety Therapy

Vanessa has been a therapist for nearly 10 years and has helped many people with a variety of different issues. Vanessa specialises in Chronic Pain Relief and Anxiety Management, using a combination of techniques to help clients in the most appropriate and efficient way. This may include relaxation, hypnosis, NLP and a very special technique called Hypnoesitherapy.

Vanessa is passionate about helping people to live their lives more comfortably and fully. As well as running her practice from Forest Row and Flow Yoga Studios, she works for the Andrew Parr Hypnotherapy Training School helping and supporting students who are learning the skills and techniques to help others.


Guest Teacher

Liz teaches creative, structural, vinyasa yoga drawing on the richness of Hatha yoga’s imaginative tradition, with inspiration from the astanga vinyasa method, incorporating visualisation, mudra, mantra and yoga nidra (guided relaxation).

Liz had been teaching since 1995 during her studies for an M. A in Performing Arts in London, and had studied Art and Thai Massage in Thailand which supports her ‘hands-on’ adjustments.

Honouring the individual, she gives variations on themed sequences, in order to find one’s own ‘safe edge’. The practises are choreographed and joyful, and deep relaxation with visualisation concludes each session.

Liz teaches in stunning parts of the World, has written over seven books and her DVD ‘Yogalibre’ illustrates her teaching methods, on sale at Flow. For more information please see Liz’s website.


Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher

I am a Anusara based hatha yoga teacher who incorporates mindfulness into all my classes. I came to yoga and meditation after back surgery and to cope with my old life in banking and consulting in London – and got a lot more than I ever hoped for! I’m passionate about the process of waking up, of encouraging students (and myself!)  to develop kindliness and curiosity about all aspects of themselves on and off the mat. Anusara hatha yoga has a strong focus on alignment and of the practice coming from the heart. I was lucky enough to train with the UK’s leading Anusara teacher Bridget Woods Kramer, and I’ve been studying meditation and mindfulness for 8 years under Angus Ford Robertson and Carlos Pomeda. I completed my Level One Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher training with the Mindful Academy who support and supervise all my individual and group based mindfulness courses.

acupuncture tunbridge wells


Acupuncture, Natropathy

Leslie is a graduate of the University of Westminster with a 1st honours BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences: Complementary Therapies/Naturopathy. Further to naturopathy, she is a qualified acupuncturist & qigong tuina massage therapist. She is fully registered and a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BACC), as well as the General Council and Register of Naturopaths (GCRN).

Leslie is the founder of Core Vitality, a naturopathic approach to health and well-being based on the principles of the vis medicatrix naturae – the healing power of nature – and the belief that good health is the result of a harmonious relationship between the body and its environment.

Within her practice Leslie uses a combination of naturopathic and Chinese treatment modalities to promote optimal health for mind and body, offering a range of therapies including acupuncture, tuina massage, dietary therapy, lymphatic drainage and hydrotherapy.


Yoga Teacher

Yoga for me has been a journey of self observation and self discovery for the last 10 years. I dedicate so much time to yoga because the more I do the better I feel and the more I learn, the more I realise there is to learn. It’s a fascinating and crazy challenge but the rewards have been immense. My practice has been woven by the many teachers who have blessed my life. It’s strong and vibrant but grounding and soft. I want to feel liberated in every moment of the practice whether I am just sitting or upside-down!

I trained with Mark Freeth/ Freestyle Yoga project and qualified as a yoga teacher in 2012. I am currently a student at Yoga Campus as I proceed on my second teacher training course. After studying Shiatsu in 2007 and practising from 2010, I tend to structure yoga sessions with the external elements in mind taking into consideration the roles they each play in Chinese Medicine. The impermeable state of nature reflects in the constant changing of our beings and being aware of the energetic cycles externally and internally can have a supportive and healing role in a yoga practice. I have done a Vipassana Meditation course. 10 days of Noble silence. Sitting is a challenge to most, it was for me, but I am realising that sitting is accessible and super soothing for mind and body.

I am always excited to meet new teachers and students. Both present an opportunity to learn and exchange. I love sharing the knowledge I have so gratefully acquired over the years. I am constantly working on myself and my practice, cultivating a body I want to live in, a mind I feel peaceful in and a heart that is open and receptive.


Associate Osteopath

Liz was awarded her Masters degree at the British School of Osteopathy, having studied as a mature student following a diverse working history. Her particular interest whilst training was working with women during and after pregnancy. Since then she has also focused on working with older people.

Liz uses both her osteopathy and sports massage training to help people achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

Away from work she admits to being fairly obsessed with cooking and is always happy to talk food and drink with her patients. She practices yoga regularly and runs quite a bit. In fact, she’s training for the London Marathon this year, which happens to fall on her 30th birthday!

  • Registered Osteopath (reg 9119)
  • Masters degree in osteopathy
  • Sports massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Accredited by all major health insurers

Liz is available for appointments during the following times:

Wednesday’s (2.30 – 8) at Groombridge Osteopathy

Thursday’s (8.30 – 12.30) at Flow Tunbridge Wells

Saturday’s (8.30 – 12.30) at Flow Tunbridge Wells


Yoga Teacher

Greta has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and continues to develop her personal practice with a joyous zeal.    It has guided her through sometimes choppy waters including major surgery but ultimately it makes her feel strong, flexible and centred in mind and body; this she passionately transmits in her teaching style.

Greta’s classes authentically weave the ancient tradition into a relevant modern practice.  Her focus is on re-connecting with innate body/breath wisdom creating a space where each student can truly connect with themselves. Teaching from the breath, Greta artfully guides students to tap into their full potential – to become the very best version of themselves; strong, flexible, graceful and spacious in body/mind/spirit.   Embarking on this breath led journey invites freedom and clarity into life an antidote to the demands of modern living – better still, it is open to everyone and anyone.

Her classes have a flowing meditative quality with keen attention to foundations and sound alignment.   Students should prepare to be challenged and bring with them an openess to enquire and explore their edges.    Her classes are warm and welcoming offering a safe, supported atmosphere to grow and refine their practice.

Greta trained under Jean Hall and Mimi Quo-Deemer on the internationally acclaimed 2 year Triyoga Teacher Training (390hr) and is BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) accredited.  She counts Jeff Phenix, Liz Lark and her philosophy teacher Carlos Pomeda as continual inspiration to her own growth.

“I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen!”

AA Milne, Winnie the Pooh


Kids Yoga Teacher

I first discovered Yoga whilst living in Bondi, Australia in 2005. The local class was run by Sylvie Fernandes from the Bondi Beach Iyengar Yoga Institute. She was a wonderful teacher and I instantly felt very calm in her classes and loved the idea of connecting the physical postures to the breath and mind. I connected to it very quickly and just felt so grounded and peaceful in her classes that I wondered how I have ever not had yoga in my life. After regular visits to her classes I began to feel a positive change in myself. It was such a real and emotional experience I could only describe it as feeling like I had ‘come home’. Yoga practice began to filter out into my daily life. I felt more balanced, connected and spacious in my mind and body.

As my practice has continued I have come to realise that Yoga is not only about what you do on your mat but in its broader sense it is actually about life and how we choose to respond to the world around us, which has helped me deal positively with sometimes challenging everyday situations.

My core teaching practices are:

  • Creating a safe space on your mat.
  • Being gentle with yourself and promoting self care physically and emotionally.
  • Trusting your own journey and approaching life with positivity and openness.
  • A strong focus on connection to breath and pranayama.
  • Embracing quiet time with yourself and feeling comfortable in stillness.


I qualified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher (Independent Yoga Network YRT) in 2008 from the ‘Devon School of Yoga’ where I studied for 2 years on their Teacher Training Foundation Course. The course gave me a complete grounding in all aspects of yoga as well as encouraging my own personal teaching style and growth as a teacher. I have been teaching adult yoga classes in and around London for ten years, I currently teach a Hatha Yoga class nr Sevenoaks. More recently I completed my Teacher Training in Children’s and Teen Yoga with ‘Calm for Kids’ in London. It has been a wonderful journey and I am truly excited to be able to teach and share my love of yoga to children and young adults at Flow. I am accredited with Yoga Alliance (Children’s yoga). I first met Lucy Parker a few years ago when I started attending her yoga classes She is such a wonderful teacher, I have been truly inspired by her passion for yoga and the open heart with which she welcomes everyone to her classes and looking forward to being part of the Flow team.


Yoga Teacher

I’ve been practicing yoga for many years. After realising the benefits that yoga brought to me I kindled an interest in sharing my experience with others.

This motivated me to search for a teacher training course so that I could peruse this dream. I have been very fortunate to be allowed to enter into a two years intense education program at Triyoga studio in London where I was taught by Jean Hall and Mimi Kuo-Deemer, two highly acclaimed teachers. In order to continuously evolve as a student and teacher, I have followed numerous workshops including one-to-one teacher trainings with Kate Ellis. This enabled me to further develop my skills and help each individual student to the best of their ability as we all have different bodies, different life experiences. I am a fully accredited British Wheel of Yoga and American-alliance teacher.

I currently teach in Sevenoaks and privately at my home in Hildenborough.

My classes focus on incorporating movement and breathing helping to strengthen the body and calm the mind. They contain elements of both Vinyasa (breath synchronised with movement) and traditional Hatha yoga which emphasises the anatomical alignment of the body. With every student being unique, both in physical as well as spiritual sense, I strive to structure my classes such that each individual can enjoy a safe and stimulating environment.


Associate Osteopath

Kim completed her training with the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM), completing over 1000 clinical hours and graduating with a Masters degree in Osteopathy. Kim also holds a diploma in Naturopathy, which qualifies her to advise on dietary and lifestyle issues.

Since graduation Kim has lived in Alberta, Canada working as a principal osteopath treating people of all ages with a variety of injuries and ailments. She was also on-hand to treat the local ice hockey team!

Outside of osteopathy Kim’s personal interests are running, going to the gym, roadtrips and cooking (mainly vegetarian food but she especially loves making cakes!).

  • Registered Osteopath (reg 8088)
  • Masters degree in osteopathy
  • Diploma in naturopathy
  • Sports massage
  • Accredited by all major health insurers

Kim is available for appointments during the following times:

Tuesdays (3.30 – 8) at Groombridge Osteopathy

Saturday’s (8.30 – 12.30) at Groombridge Osteopathy


Applied Anatomy Guide!

Zebedy has been part of the Team since 2012 and has a clear specialism in anatomy. Without Zebedy many of us would be lost as he is our light to guide the way towards structural anatomical understanding. Aided by Zebedy we can all practice safely with clear and informed alignment. Thanks Zebedy!