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Yoga is an ancient discipline of mind control, or meditation. Focusing the mind to stay true to yourself and your inner wisdom, and not be constantly distracted by the minutiae of life.

But when the minutiae includes toddlers, waiting in for a delivery, lost keys, school runs, demanding bosses, cash flow dilemmas, homework and relationship breakdowns controlling the mind can we pretty challenging if not impossible. We get anxious, even stressed. We feel disconnected, worried, tired and done in!

Yoga uses the body to soothe the mind. To help you, help yourself.

We use our bodies to remember we have bodies, we breathe deeply to remember our lungs and diaphragm and bellies. We stretch and move to get up and out of our cars and desks and humdrum and feel alive again.   To re-connect with the heart and soul of things, and feel better all-round.

We can start practicing yoga with simple postures like Mountain pose, or we could progress to something far more complicated like a handstand. Either way, Yoga is there to help you to connect in with yourself and your connection to the earth, upside down or right way up!




Yoga at Flow is not just about what you can do with your body. It is about what you can achieve when your body, mind and breath are synchronized with each other and flowing together in harmony. If your body can stretch itself into the splits it’s not going to do much good for you unless your mind can expand and your breath support you along the way.

Starting with the breath we can learn about our mental state, short rushed breath suggests anxiety and panic, long smooth breath suggests calm and surrender. As we breath slower and deeper so too can we more our bodies slower and stretch deeper, safely, with control and with respect for ourselves.

That respect carries into our minds and we can start to feel stronger, more stable and more capable to cope with the daily challenges of life.  We feel healthier, happier and more balanced.

Yoga really can help you to move better, feel better and live better, every day!


Most classes run for a strict hour, unless stated. There will be warm up, a full class reaching peak poses and carefully structured sequences of postures and a relaxing cooling down conclusion. Breathing techniques, pranayama, are incorporated into all classes, as are some mudras, hand gestures, bhandas, energetic locks, visualization and the occasional Om!

Many classes are taught with a weekly theme or focus in mind. Each class might help us to delve deeper into what our bodies, minds and breathing is capable of. Each class will be different depending on external factors, such as who is teaching and what level the session is aimed at. It will also be different depending on many internal factors about how we feel at any given time in the day, our energy levels, our health and our happiness. Every class is a chance for you to explore yourself and find out a little bit more each time.

All equipment is provided free of charge, including mats, bolsters, blocks and belts. However, if you have your own kit please feel free to bring it along.

Please wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to get your socks off!

Do telephone in advance of your first class to get booked in.



We have a team of excellent yoga teachers running a range of classes to suit your needs at all points of your yoga journey from the very beginning to the more advanced and everything in between.   Please see The Team page for more information. (click on names for info)

Lucy Parker, Co-Founder of Flow
Sally Carmichael – Kundalini Yoga
Brigid Godwin – Pregnancy Yoga
Lucy Lucas – Mindfulness and Mindful Yoga
Lolly Patenall – Vibrant and Soul Full Yoga
Greta Sani – Prana Flow
Alicia Sinclair – Kids Yoga

As well as guest teachers running Workshops and Special Events.

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All yoga classes must be booked and paid for in advance. Refunds will only be made in certain circumstances. See Booking pages for more information.
Click here or telephone 01892 671764 to book




Some of my most precious memories of my two pregnancies involve the lovely Maya Morgan and her pregnancy yoga classes. Her classes offered not only time out from my hectic working week but a time to connect in with my ever-growing baby. A time to explore my body and prepare for the amazing transition that is birth. I loved practicing yoga when pregnant and I looked forward to the friendship and understanding the group offered me at this special time.

Our pregnancy yoga classes aim to offer you this space and more. We will meet in small groups in the cozy, warm and supportive environment that is Flow. The sessions will explore movement and breath allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of your body and find comfort throughout the changing needs of your pregnancy. We will work towards preparing you for your labor and the days and weeks beyond.

Please be aware that you do not need to have any prior experience of yoga to benefit fully from pregnancy yoga. Please also be comforted to know that my small class size allows us to give you individual attention throughout the class.

Pregnancy Yoga is taught by Brigid Godwin from Unity Yoga. See The Team page for more information on Brigid.

Our pregnancy class is on Monday evenings at 7.30pm.

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This is about letting go and just being. About relaxing in a way that many of us have forgotten is even possible, soothing away the stress and strain of everyday life. During a restorative yoga class you will be fully supported by props in each posture, easing your body into a deep relaxation. The lights are dimmed, the room warm and the atmosphere infinitely calm. Restorative yoga classes work best as private sessions so that we can tailor the session to your specific needs. Give Lucy a call and we can discuss how I can help, the price per session is £60 for one-hour.




Before you start your Yoga practice please be sure to tell us if any of the following applies to you:

  • ASTHMATIC , Do you use a Ventolin or Salbutamol Inhalator? Please be sure to bring it to every class.
  • DIABETIC, Please be sure to bring Glucose to every class.
  • EPILEPTIC, How much warning do you get prior to a convulsion, please let me know?
  • HEART PROBLEMS ANGINA, Do you have a pain relieving spray? Please be sure to bring it to every class.
  • PREGNANT or recently had a baby
  • MEDICATION that may affect your Yoga practice
  • MENSTRUAL problems
  • CIRCULATORY problems

Also, please do let me know if you are NEW TO YOGA.

If there is ANYTHING ELSE you feel may affect your Yoga practice please have a quick word prior to the class starting.