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I don’t know how to reduce my carbon footprint…

Is the key to focus all our energy on just a few points ? Or try and be a little better at many little things ? When I spend hours researching the « best diet to offset your carbon footpint » I invariably end up with headache (plus I worry about the data pollution I’ve just created).

Choosing an energy […]

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Getting stuck in a rut

Blog for World Mental Health Month – 1st May 2019

I’m willing to bet that we’ve all been there, we’ve all been exposed to that rainbow spectrum of mental health challenges.  Some of us won’t admit that publicly of course and some of us wouldn’t even dream of exposing that truth to ourselves but that does […]

Yoga is Freedom


So, I got to thinking of all the many reasons I practice yoga and meditation, and continue to do so after nearly 30 years of consistent practice and 10 years of teaching!  Yes, the strength and the flexibility, yes  the calmness of mind and the tool kit of tricks to keep me mindful, patient and […]

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Feeling stressed this Christmas?





If I were to ask you if you’ve checked your emails recently a response is likely to be raised in you. Can you feel into what that response might be? Often, we are compelled by reactivity and drawn into action and reaction, even when we really don’t need to respond, or at least not immediately. […]

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5 Ways Mindfulness Can Change your Life…

We’ve all heard about mindfulness, right? It’s become one of those buzzwords and hashtags that gets thrown around out there. Google are doing it. So are Goldman Sachs. It’s even in our schools. But does it work? Is all the hype worth it? Isn’t it just some Buddhist mumbo jumbo that helps you relax?
Modern mindfulness […]

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Stumbling Upon Kundalini Yoga

I came upon Kundalini Yoga in rather desperate times. A local class was 200ft from my front door and I turned up dejected and hopeless to my first class. Here is the dichotomy, as a Movement Therapist I spent most of my time in dialogue with bodies; other’s and mine but in a grieving ten […]

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I cannot actually imagine my life without yoga.

My life is yoga. It’s a practice that starts on a mat in a class that gradually, over time, spills out into regular life. It’s often the idea that yoga can chill us out in a very overstimulated world or the interesting selection of poses that we might […]

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I went to my first Yoga class over 25 years ago. I had just started university and my mother urged me to go to  “calm me down a bit”.  It must have worked as my flat mates complained repeatedly about how annoyingly smug and Zen I became after returning from each of my weekly Yoga […]

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