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I’m certainly not a mental health expert and please look away if you expect me to give you answers. I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist or counsellor.  I can’t, nor would pretend to, prescribe what will work or not work for you to keep your mental health in tip top condition. What I can offer, […]

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I don’t know how to reduce my carbon footprint…

Is the key to focus all our energy on just a few points ? Or try and be a little better at many little things ? When I spend hours researching the « best diet to offset your carbon footpint » I invariably end up with headache (plus I worry about the data pollution I’ve just created).

Choosing an energy […]

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Getting stuck in a rut

Blog for World Mental Health Month – 1st May 2019

I’m willing to bet that we’ve all been there, we’ve all been exposed to that rainbow spectrum of mental health challenges.  Some of us won’t admit that publicly of course and some of us wouldn’t even dream of exposing that truth to ourselves but that does […]

Feeling stressed this Christmas?





If I were to ask you if you’ve checked your emails recently a response is likely to be raised in you. Can you feel into what that response might be? Often, we are compelled by reactivity and drawn into action and reaction, even when we really don’t need to respond, or at least not immediately. […]

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Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

From 24th April for the next 10 sessions, Lucy Lucas will be using The Work by Byron Katie to guide our mindful inquiry and meditations. The Work is based on her global best seller “Loving What Is”.

Byron Katie spent many years suffering from depression until one day a sudden insight caused her to question everything […]

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If you’ve had experience of osteopathy you will know that we work with the principles of getting things in the best possible set up for the body to work well and be healthy!

Well, why would you want to limit this wonderful therapy to just humans?

I am also qualified to treat patients of the four legged […]

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My introduction to healing came 22 years ago when my son developed asthma in Hong Kong.  A lot of time was spent in and out of hospital on nebulisers and then trying to get the medication right.  I had a friend who explained the benefits of Reiki and I decided to give it a go.  I could see George struggling with […]

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