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You might have already heard that Flow Founder Lucy is soon to complete her MSc in Integrative Counselling and Coaching at the University of East London. Lucy is now in her final year and has completed the coaching component of her training in full. She is therefore ready to professionally offer transformative and dynamic coaching sessions with you at Flow.

To extend our offer further, we have teamed up with Lucy’s colleague Gordon. Together Lucy and Gordon are now fully trained, qualified and passionate therapists offering clients the opportunity to benefit from bespoke coaching at Flow.

Read on if you want to explore the many benefits of coaching and work towards a more motivated, mindful, and joyful you!

Coaching Flow Tunbridge Wells


In the yogic texts, we are encouraged to liken our bodies to that of a chariot and our senses to the 5 horses that pull us, our mind is the charioteer and our passenger, the soul.

Coaching is similar to this useful metaphor. In coaching, we honour the universal law of motivation and are ‘coached’ to steer our ship firmly in the direction we choose to go. No longer are we drawn any which way, feeling lost or directionless. Through coaching, we embody the charioteer, and we know clearly which path is right for us to offer meaning, motivation, and maximum fulfilment.


  • Are you ready for a change but don’t know how to instigate it?
  • Would you love to reach for your goal but feel trapped?
  • Do you have a sense there the something you’re missing?
  • Is there something more you want from life?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut?


Our offer is for coaching conversations only. Should you feel you need more emotional support or therapeutic counselling then we recommend you contact a trained, and qualified, counsellor or psychotherapist. Let us know if you need some advice or signposting to useful contacts for this. However, come July 2023, both Lucy and Gordon will be fully qualified to integrate both counselling and coaching into their sessions and will be accredited by the BACP.

About Lucy - Flow Coaching


Lucy started her exploration into yoga, movement, and the mind 32 years ago, at the tender age of 18. Since then, she’s experienced many highs and lows of existence and works steadily to maintain her own equilibrium whatever life may bring. After two very painful and poignant bereavements and two awesome and inspiring births, Lucy decided to leap into her hobby and become a yoga teacher. 15 years later she’s established two yoga studios, Pantiles Yoga and currently Flow Tunbridge Wells. Having taught yoga and meditation to hundreds of clients in group or 1-2-1 settings Lucy decided to add to her toolbox and take a deeper dive into human psychology. Her integrative counselling and coaching course at the University of East London is offering just the exciting and fascinating journey into the psyche she was looking for. Together with her firmly established somatic understanding she hopes to create a whole new way to support and empower clients through both their psyche as well as soma.


When he received a life-changing diagnosis over 18 years ago, Gordon can recall watching the men, who supported him in coming to terms with the incurable nature of his illness and thinking, “I want to learn how to do what they do”. Both men were therapists and trained to deliver a programme of group work designed specifically for men with the same condition. Within a year Gordon had trained to deliver the NHS Expert Patient’s Programme and within two years, was appointed the National Groupwork Service Lead at the Terrence Higgins Trust: the national HIV and sexual health charity where he created, piloted and rolled out internationally recognised group work programmes for people living with long-term health conditions like HIV and Hepatitis C. Gordon is a passionate activist, mentor and advocate for people living with various conditions and he is a member of the Policy and Communications Patient Panel at Cancer Research UK. When he was made redundant from his role at GSK just as the pandemic hit, he decided that it was finally time to embark on the training that would allow him to do what those men had done all those years ago: combining their skills as therapists with those of the coach and his expertise as a groupworker.

About Gordon - Flow Coaching
Is coaching for you - Flow Coaching


  • Each session will be tailored specifically for you and the discovery of your boldest dreams
  • You’ll be encouraged to explore and create your most exciting future self
  • You’ll be given homework, so don’t be fooled into thinking we’ll do all the work for you!
  • You’ll be equally challenged and supported all the way
  • You’ll finish the set of foundation sessions with a newly revealed sense of purpose
  • You can then opt to continue with follow up sessions to keep you on track, maintain accountability and encourage you to keep exploring your most desirable future


  • You will need to begin with a commitment to four coaching sessions of 90 minutes each.
  • These will be held in the Flow Tunbridge Wells treatment room, with scope to also meet at Flow Groombridge if more convenient.
  • Foundation session are booked for four consecutive weeks.
  • Follow up sessions are scheduled to suit your individual needs and can be weekly, fortnightly or space up to once a month.


  • Your Foundation Sessions of four coaching sessions is £360. Foundation sessions will be scheduled weekly for the first 4 weeks.
  • All subsequent Building Block Sessions are £100 for 90 minutes.
  • All subsequent Building Block Sessions sets of 4 sessions are £360.
  • The full £360 or £100 fee is payable one week before you begin your sessions and is paid via your Flow account. There is no refund for missed sessions, as an added incentive to show up for yourself. Sessions can be rescheduled if necessary, so long as there is a minimum of 24 hours’ notice in advance.


  • Use the booking timetable above to select your preferred first session. On receipt of this booking requests, you will be contacted by your chosen therapist, Lucy or Gordon, to arrange and book in your set of 4 consecutive sessions.
  • Alternatively, you can email us separately to find out more and arrange a short 15-minute free telephone ‘chemistry’ telephone or Zoom call.

Thank you so much for your interest in this awesome piece of self-reflection and discovery. We can’t wait to be there to see you flourish.


See what our clients have to say
  • I did some life coaching sessions with Lucy, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I had never done it before but as soon as I entered Lucy’s session it was explained in such a clear way. I found it very interesting, challenging and rewarding. The sessions were very thought provoking but that didn’t end in the room itself as on discussions between us both there was “homework” which was great as the weeks flowed so well and the journey wasn’t broken by time. The work is done by yourself, at no point did I feel influenced, hurried or judged just fully supported and respected by Lucy in every way and her knowledge and personality reflect on her style of coaching. If you need any guidance in your life I would whole heartedly recommend Lucy. It is the one journey I would want to do with no-one else. xxx

    Coaching Client, B.S. November 2022
  • I was feeling stuck in a rut and like I needed a change in my career but was uncertain about which direction to go in. Lucy worked with me over four sessions to identify my core values and figure out what would make for a fulfilling work / life balance. She was a great listener, full of ideas, and incorporated lots of holistic practices from the other modalities she’s trained in. I feel excited about the future in a way that I haven’t in a long time thanks to our work together.

    RMG - Coaching Client
  • My coaching sessions with Lucy really have been transformational and I cannot thank her enough. When I embarked on these sessions, I did not know what to expect. What I did know was that I was ‘stuck in a rut’ of working long hours and had retreated to an isolated lifestyle where work and family came first, I was quite lonely and unable to perceive that anyone would be interested in spending time with a 60 year like myself. Lucy’s gentle yet positive advice and coaching encouraged me to question my self-perceptions, establish my values, what I want from life going forward and to take steps to achieve this lifestyle. Lucy encouraged me to describe myself and showed me that I maybe have been a success as an entrepreneur and more importantly to me, as a mother. This was so great to hear and such a boost. Articulating my ideal future lifestyle based on my values and goals was incredibly helpful too. One of the most important things I learned was that other people are not judging me and almost certainly do not see me as I thought they did. This was blocking me from reaching out to others, as an introvert. Instead, this has given me the confidence to make an effort with people and it has already been a revelation. Also knowing that Lucy was in the background encouraging me to establish SMART goals, did not allow me to slip into my old habits. I have embraced all of Lucy’s advice, knowing that I do not have to do everything, but can move as slowly or quickly as I can. I have a very different outlook on life in just a few short weeks, a renewed energy and cannot wait to see what the New Year brings. I would whole heartedly recommend your coaching.

    LC - Coaching Client
  • Gordon offered me four sessions on ageing and dying well, a subject of my choosing. My first impression of Gordon was that he was empathetic and warm, connecting with each issue as I brought it forward. As I got to know him better he was open and kind while holding a safe place for me to test out different emotional responses to the subject. The sessions seemed to flow naturally around my needs but were softly guided by Gordon’s, thoughts and suggestions. His insightful questions helped to reveal some truths in my understanding that had been hidden from my plain sight. In the last session Gordon helped me to clarify my personal response to aging and to see that I am in a good place to move forward. A close family member was sick and died during the sessions and I felt hugely supported and enabled to express complex feelings around this event which can’t be expressed elsewhere else right now. I was very grateful for this space. The insight on ageing and dying offered by these sessions has better equipped me to, in turn, support other family members through this difficult time.

    JS - Coaching Client