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I have been asked to write a blog about Reflexology and many of you who know me well will know that instantly I have writers block.

However, having just seen the morning news a question was asked ‘Can a robot do your job?’ What a perfect question and what inspiration for my writers block.


deeCan a robot do my job?

Well given the way robots now have the subtlety to create things such as the cartilage for replacement ears in 3D printing and other processes then you would imagine a robotic arm could certainly handle and manipulate a foot. They could certainly be programmed to find the right points in the foot. Robots could certainly record and register client’s medical conditions. So if that is all they need to do to be a reflexologist then I’m for the scrapheap in years to come.

However, will the programmer behind the robot be able to code intuition and instinct? These feelings come from within a therapist. Yes, you can you imagine a robot grabbing hold of your feet and following a routine? But where would the gentle healing energies connecting client to therapist be?


When taking a medical history can a robot then relate the client’s history to the client’s markings on their feet? Can the robot detect things that the client has omitted to mention in their medical history? Of course not. Can the robot link a client’s many symptoms to a sluggish thyroid?

Yoga Feet at Flow Tunbridge Wells

The connection you have with a client is instinctive, from the first time you meet a client you are listening to their concerns and what they think needs rebalancing. Once you start to look at their feet then they can tell us a more complex story.

Feet at Flow Tunbridge Wells

The markings on the feet mean a multitude of things they can relate to what has happened from previous surgery to hard skin that suggests protection in particular areas. Callous and moles have different meanings, positioning of toes in relation to each other can also give clues to the person you are treating. The feet can tell the therapist a whole lot more then you think.

In the modern world we put ourselves under a lot of strain. I’m not just talking about the physical stress we put our bodies through but also mental stress to. Reflexology is the perfect therapy to help rebalance and to encourage the body to heal itself, which will enable people to cope with whatever their busy lives throws at them.

So the answer to my own question ‘can a robot do my job?’ the answer is NO definitely not. From a therapist point of view reflexology is about the one to one experience. The instinctive connection you have with a client that helps them to benefit from their treatment. Dee is at Flow on Thursday mornings and by appointment.


Flow Treatment Room
Flow Treatment Room

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