Feeling Drained by some of your relationships?

From time to time, you will encounter very draining relationships: Have you spent half hour on the phone with someone, to feel like that you have just run a marathon, after the conversation ended?

To understand the exchange of energies between people, you need to be aware that an Etheric or Spiritual cord is built as soon as a connection is made whether you spent a few minutes, few days or years with the person you have the connection with.

Most of us are unaware of this exchange because the exchange is balanced between giving and receiving.

It is only when we meet certain people that we might encounter this very draining feeling. It might be someone close to you, a client, work colleague or friend.


Feeling drained











You will find that even when they have left your physical reality, you still feel that the connection is “pumping up” all of your energy…

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To stop this “energy leakage” here is what you do, say’s Steph Burton:

Preparation: Take some time out and make sure that you are relaxed, grounded and protected in a bubble of white light that is large enough to hold you and your energy field


Step 1:

o See and sense where the cord is attached to your body. If there is more than one cord, deal with the largest first

o Look at the other end of the cord and see who is there or who comes to mind

o Sense how this person is

o Surround this person with a bubble of white light

o Look whether the other person is attached to the cord or holding it into their hands or have it tied around their waist

o Try to sense how long the cord has been there

o Is it vibrant or dead?

o Develop a sense of direction of the energy running – if it is both, try to sense if this is equal

o If you can’t see or feel anything, trust that the cord is there

o Ask your Higher Guidance to pop a name in your head to identify who it is. Trust that comes, don’t try to process it in your mind

o Ask your Higher Guidance to bring your awareness on where the cord is attached to the other person (holding on with both hands or tied to their waist)

Step 2: Get a sense of why the cord is there

o Did you both accept it and encourage it?

o Decide what is needed to resolve the issue: forgiveness, acceptance or apology

Step 3: Cut the cord

o Sever it with white light, scissors, sword, laser, fire, water or acid (choose whatever mean feels right for you)

o Cut the cord at the point you have chosen so it remains attached to each of you but is separated

o Starting with the cord that is attached to you, decided how you wish to destroy it (make sure that all the pieces of the cord are gone – do not bury it)

If you decide to burn it, make sure you remove the ashes

If you decide to dissolve it, make sure you have cleaned up any water, slime or other remains.

Step 4: Cleansing of the affected parts of the body or chakra system

o Imagine white light pouring into the area that needs cleansing and sense this light clearing out any tiny pieces of the cord or its residual energy.

o When you feel that the area is really clean, then pour golden Light into the clean space left.

Step 5: You must repeat step 3 and step 4 to the other person.

Step 6: If there is a positive heart cord between you then it is acceptable to send and receive unconditional love through the cord. Heart connections are eternal and will not be destroyed when you sever an etheric cord. You will only clear the unwanted part of the connection.

Step 7: When you know the person is secure in their white bubble you may wish to fill it with colours with love healing forgiveness hope peace and joy

o Allow them to absorb these qualities

o Send the image of that person in their bubble into the universe until you don’t seem them anymore

o This separates the two energies allowing you both to be free

Step 8: If you wish someone to leave your life, repeat this affirmation until there is no energy around it:

“I forgive you, X (name of the person you working with) and I release you from my life” 

Reiki at flow Tunbridge WellsIf you struggle visualising any of the above or do any of the above, just ask Archangel Michael to cut all the etheric cords which are not to your benefit and fill the area with Divine Light or Reiki.

ANOTHER QUICK WAY, to raise your vibration and stop your energy running away from you, is to book a Reiki treatment.


If the advice contained in this article is not enough for you and you can’t seem to increase your vibration to a higher level by yourself, then please contact Steph Burton for either a Reiki session and consider a “Relationship Clearing” (clearing of the Akashic Records of both people involved).   Steph works from Flow on a Saturday morning.  Click the link to request your treatment or telephone 01892 671764.



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