Lead Osteopath – Ben Parker

Ben has been a local osteopath since 1999. He graduated top of his year in both clinical and academic work and received a first class degree from BCOM. He is registered with the GOSC (Reg. 4134) and is accredited by all major health insurers. In 2005 Ben set up Groombridge Osteopathy which is now a very busy, well recognised and successful practice. He is Co-Founder of Flow Tunbridge Wells, which opened in 2015.

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Ben Parker, Registered Osteopath

Over the past 16 years, Ben has gained extensive experience in working with individuals with a wide range of physical complaints using both structural and cranial osteopathic techniques.

He is particularly interested in helping people to understand the causes of their injuries and how to prevent their recurrence. Ben emphasises the importance of exercise in the process of recovery. He works closely with Lucy McNeill, Co-Founder of Flow, qualified BWY yoga teacher (and soon to be wife). With patients’ permission, Ben can discuss the main areas of concern with Lucy so that any movement practice is tailored to be beneficial. The daily yoga classes at Flow are an ideal opportunity for patients to regain confidence in their physical abilities and build up strength and resilience for the future.



The evidence for the vital role that exercise plays in recovery is plentiful and longstanding. The ways in which the benefits arise is now better understood. Improvements in strength, stabilisation, balance, coordination and flexibility are important, but equally so are conquering fear, gaining confidence and understanding of what our bodies are capable of during recovery. This is particularly the case with long term pain which can prevent us from exercising for fear of doing more damage. Pain as a result of injury usually disappears within 3-6 months by which time the damaged tissues have healed. When pain persists beyond this time it is no longer beneficial and is the result of over-sensitisation of nerves which fire off pain signals even with movements that are not actually doing any damage. A good analogy was used in an article in last months Osteopathy Today journal – it is like an over-sensitive car alarm which goes off inappropriately when someone walks past.



yoga studio in tunbridge wellsThis type of pain often does not respond to conventional medicine. More effective is keeping active and exercising in a graduated way that does not cause flare-ups of pain. This graded increase in activity is best done with the support of a team such as we have at Flow. Our experience and expertise can help people through the various challenges and into health and vitality.

If you are unsure, or unconfident, as to how best approach your recovery from a recent trauma, ongoing health issue or challenging life circumstances, Flow can help with our ROAD TO RECOVERY package.

This special package works through a close partnership between Ben and Lucy.  You will first be seen by Ben for a one-hour assessment and treatment. Then a visit to Lucy for a one-hour Private Yoga session. Lastly a second, half hour, appointment with Ben to discuss the best way forward for your optimum recovery. This may include a schedule of regular yoga classes, or further osteopathy, massage, reflexology or other treatment to support your journey into health.

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