Holistic massage at Flow is provided by the wonderful Nadia Carney, who qualified in Holistic Therapies in 2017. Her aim through her treatment is to slow down both the body and mind to bring both healing and peace for the spirit and relaxation for the physical body.

Nadia offers holistic facials, hot stone massage and aromatherapy massage and is available in our Tunbridge Wells treatment room on Tuesdays from 9am – 3pm and Saturday mornings 9am – midday.

Holistic Facials

Our holistic facial incorporates massage techniques to the face using Neal’s Yards facial products only. The facial will cleanse, nourish, protect and rehydrate your skin leaving the skin looking radiant and revitalised.

A facial will consist of a cleanse, exfoliate, tone, masque and moisturiser. Whilst the masque is drying you can relax further with a blissful 15 minute head massage.

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Payment is made to the practitioner on the day of the consultation.


£55 for 60 minute treatment

£60 for 60 minute hot stone massage


Tuesdays: 9am – 3pm

Saturdays: 9am – midday

Cancellation policy: Payment in full unless cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.

Call 01892 671764 to book or fill out the form below to request an appointment online

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage dates back to over 2,000 years and were used by the Chinese, Egyptians, Indians and North Americans. We use smooth, flat, heated stones made of volcanic rock. The volcanic stones have a rich iron content that retains heat. Cold marble stones are also used to help aid with any inflammation.

A Hot Stone Massage is very similar to a Swedish Massage in the sense of the various massage techniques used. The hot stones penetrate the muscle allowing deeper penetration of muscular tissue. We use the stones with oil to bring about total relaxation, improve circulation, soothe painful and stiff muscles and generally encourage the body to detox and heal through increasing lymphatic flow.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is aromatic treat for the body, mind and spirit. Our Aromatherapy Massage utilise essential oils consisting of chemical compounds which are very powerful in their effect of the mind and body. The compounds enter the blood supply and some pass through the blood brain barrier. Oils are applied to the body via massage and inhalation to treat many symptoms.

Holistic massage
Hot stone massage
Aromatherapy massage
Nadia Carney - holistic massage