I don’t know how to reduce my carbon footprint…

Is the key to focus all our energy on just a few points ? Or try and be a little better at many little things ? When I spend hours researching the « best diet to offset your carbon footpint » I invariably end up with headache (plus I worry about the data pollution I’ve just created).

Choosing an energy efficient lightbulb is simple enough thanks to easy to read labels. Closing the tap when you brush your teeth is simple enough.

But take that headache I spoke about. There is no carbon emission label on the common drugs we take to relieve it. It is remarkably difficult to determine how pharmaceutical products affect the environment (through manufacturing or water pollution), the data is unclear (1).

It is one of the reason I trained to be an osteopath. Not because I don’t use drugs or think they are bad, but simply because overall in my life I’m trying to reduce my carbon footprint.

And like our yoga classes, I believe osteopathy is an efficient and environmental friendly way to address what is limiting us in our lives. It might be pain or worries or stress. You might just want to move more and need advice. None of our techniques will end up contaminating our soil or water. Exercises do not burn fossil fuel. The sheer idea of a system of healthcare based on prevention, which promotes mindful movement at its core is the embodiment of a society trying to think positively about how to adress climate change.

On a selfish note, I am hoping this helps offsetting all the electricity I burned reading anatomy books late at night to get my degree.

I might sound like I am trying to feel better about not doing enough. But this short article is not about listing all the things that I do or what you should be doing. Just an acknowledgement that every-time you come see us, try a few stretches or meditate, We are doing something together. Self management is not about doing things alone, ironically.

I’m rooting for yoga to be added to all those “7 ways to reduce your carbon footprint” lists… In the meantime I’ve celebrated my 7th year running and I’m looking forward to finding other ways to reduce my footprint.

If this is something you are passionate about as well, I’d love to hear your thoughts the next time you come see us!

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