Melissa Denyer is our resident Massage Therapist offering sports massage, pregnancy massage and massage for headaches.

These treatments are available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8.30am in the Flow Treatment Room in Tunbridge Wells and 4-7pm on Mondays in Groombridge.  You can book for one hour or up to an hour and a half should you prefer.

Sports Massage Treatments

Sports Massage
Specialist massage techniques are used to help treat muscle injuries, soreness and pain, allowing one to move more freely and improve posture. This type of massage is not just for sports people and athletes; it benefits people of all ages and condition, such as office workers, manual workers and new mums!

The range of Sports Massage techniques (deep friction, neuromuscular techniques, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release, positional release and connective tissue massage) offered also help to prevent injury by monitoring soft tissue and muscle conditions, aid recovery and rehabilitation if injured and increase flexibility and mobility. Kinesio Taping is often also used to accompany the treatment if required.

Pregnancy Massage
Many postural changes take place during pregnancy and the stresses on the body during and after labour. Massage can help relieve discomfort, promote relaxation and regain muscular balance.

Massage for Headaches
Our therapist has also completed an accredited course in Advanced Massage for Headaches. Massage can help alleviate the symptoms by using practical techniques such as soft tissue therapy, cervical articulation, neuromuscular techniques and also specific trigger point release.

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Payment is made to the therapist on the day of the treatment.


£50 for first treatment as a welcome offer, or £75 if 90 minutes

£55 for further treatments of 60 minutes, or £80 for 90 minutes

£200 for 4 treatments of one hour, or £300 for 4 treatments of 90 minutes,  when paying as a package

Cancellation policy: Payment in full unless cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.

Call 01892 671764 to book or fill out the form below to request an appointment online

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