The movement or asana part of yoga was originally designed with the sole purpose of limbering out the body ready to sit still for long periods of time in meditation. Meditation, or stilling the fluctuations of the mind, being considered the primary purpose of yoga. Over the centuries meditation has taken on lots of different characters, schools and directions. One of these branches is a modern take on meditation, called mindfulness. Another is focused on the Universal Teachings, as taught by author Alexander Filmer-Lorch. These are the 2 types of mediation we teach at Flow.

At Flow we believe fully in the powerful and transformative benefits of finding some practice of sitting and stilling the mind. Even if for just 5 minutes a day. Our team can help you to establish your own regular home practice and begin to notice the immense and often immediate benefits of a calmer and less cluttered mind.

You will find that most classes at Flow have a mindful, meditative aspect to them. Some people even consider a modern day Vinyasa yoga class to be a moving meditation. However, if you wish to go deeper into your study and appreciation of meditation and mindfulness here are some dedicated classes and courses to choose:

  • Meditation class with Alison Donald – Mondays at 6 – 7pm
  • Mindfulness 8-week course – New Course Soon
  • Meditation Teacher Training – New Course Soon
  • Meditation Workshop – See Workshop page

Contact us for more details.

Meditation and mindfulness at Flow
Mindfulness at Flow
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