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Flow is delighted to bring their much loved yoga & meditation classes into your home with our online service, Flow At Home! We have a full schedule of one-hour live streamed yoga classes, delivered directly to you through your Flow account. Simply book in and wait for your auto email to arrive half an hour before the class is due to start. This service also includes the option to book 1-2-1 yoga classes with Flow from your Home. Let Flow At Home help to support you this November as we return to our homes and hunker down for the winter.


I was nervous about taking part in online classes with Flow at Home but have found it a really wonderful experience. It has helped me hugely to be transported to Flow’s magical space and to work with my regular teachers. Weekly playlists set the scene and the way the sessions are managed keeps it all very tranquil and high vibe. It’s even pushed me to make more space for my own practice whilst I’m at home for the foreseeable future. If you’re feeling unsure I strongly encourage you to give it a go and welcome a bit of flow magic back in. KATE



The Magical 5×5

Finding Balance with the Breath – Part 1

Finding Balance with the Breath – Part 2



One hour live -streamed yoga classes
All Flow At Home online classes are one hour long and delivered directly into your living room through our live streaming software. Just wait for your auto email to arrive half an hour before the class starts, click the green button and your in! Easy!
(Please check your spam or junk if you do not receive the email 30 mins before.)

Online payment and booking
You can choose to purchase one class for £10 or a set of five classes for £40.

Gift cards
There is also a simple to use Gift Card option in order for you to gift ’self isolating’ friends and family with class vouchers for them to access at home.

Private classes
The price of a tailored online private yoga session with Lucy is £70. This will include a free download of your full one-hour yoga session for you to view as often as you like after your session. Email Lucy to discuss the most convenient time to schedule your session.

We can’t wait to bring our Flow community back together in this creative way and to help you all to stay happy, stay healthy and stay connected.

With love and gratitude,
Lucy and the Flow Team



When I first started 1-2-1 yoga sessions with Lucy (as an absolute beginner) my sole aim was to regain physical fitness after major surgery. Lucy’s reassuringly gentle, yet targeted, teaching has certainly contributed greatly to my physical recovery. From the very beginning Flow felt a warm and safe environment to start challenging myself again. However, as time’s gone on my yoga practice has morphed into something so much more – a true mind, body and spirit experience. Lucy has such a wonderful way of weaving all three elements together. Each new session always seems fresh and interesting, often linking into a particular theme and piece of poetry and yet when I work through it again on my own at home I can clearly see how it’s also deepening and building on what we’ve covered previously. Thanks to Lucy yoga is now a very important and permanent part of my life and I’m excited to see where the journey takes me next. Sasha Hamilton

Sasha Hamilton

Thanks so much Lucy for such an incredible Learning to Meditate course!
The course was exactly what I was looking for, from the theory to the practice; it had everything! I loved learning new techniques each week – and what a range there was!
I’m pleased to say that I’m now meditating every day (well, almost!) as the course has given me the confidence to put into practice what I know my soul, my body and my mind needs.

This is the start of my journey with meditation but I’m absolutely loving it and will definitely continue.
Thanks Lucy!

Jen W

I have just completed the Learning to Meditate course, and it was an absolute game-changer. I am sure that before Covid, this would have taken place at Flow HQ, but this course works well as an online course, meaning that people could join from anywhere, which worked well. Lucy encouraged us to create our own calm space, with candles, blankets, pillows, and a “Do Not Disturb” sign for the door! Lucy took us from doing five-minute meditations to 20-25 minutes by the end of the course, building up the time we sat in meditation gradually. She went through a variety of breathing and meditation techniques, and encouraged us to try as we went along, then go back to the ones we found most helpful, while teaching us that it is ok if particular techniques don’t work for particular individuals- just find what works for you! I have used ‘encouraged’ several times in this review, and that is apt for Lucy’s style of teaching- gentle, calm encouragement. I got so much out of this course, and I have tools that I can use to meditate for the rest of my life. I never failed to come out of each week’s session in a little bubble of bliss! Thank you Lucy for starting a lifetime’s journey in meditation with this course.

Alison Abedelmassieh

I have just completed Lucy’s meditation course, which was over 8 weeks. It came at the right time for me with everything going on in the world. Each week introduced new techniques which we could add to our ‘tool box’ to be drawn on at anytime. Lucy is so engaging and explains things in a really visual which helps to understand and connect with the practice.

Each session was via zoom, where a number of us got together and shared our experiences each week and it was so refreshing to see that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Just being individual is another lesson learned with meditation and not to get frustrated. Meditation is like anything new, you need to train the mind on a continuous basis and keep the practice going, which I certainly have and will continue to do.

The benefits for me so far are that I feel much calmer, live more in the moment and look forward to learning and exploring more. I feel excited about what tools to use on my next sitting to help bring my mind to a place of peace and quiet. I whole heartedly encourage anyone to join Lucy on her next training as there is magic in this wonderful practice

Thank you Lucy!

With love


Laura Currie

I’ve loved Lucy’s meditation course, she is so warm, reassuring, calm and patient. As an absolute beginner in meditation I had no idea how to go about starting to meditate and Lucy structured the course so well. Each week has a theme and she talks through how to gradually build up your own practise and to have a ‘tool kit’ to choose what works for you. It was great to have the support of others on the course and to feel like you were part of a connected and supportive group. In addition, poetry and music add to the whole experience. I left each session feeling uplifted, calmer and more positive that I can cope with this challenging time and determined to continue to develop my own meditation practise.

Rebecca Ashworth

I was yearning for a safe place to undertake some self reflection. Lucy’s course ‘know thyself’ came just in time. A truly wise and inspirational teacher. I have taken tools away which I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Thank you lucy and the wonderfully supportive group we became. Xx Ali

Alison Fielding

I really look forward to these sessions, they are part of my week now,  I will miss them when we end.
Know Thyself came just at the right time for me.  I needed it, it found me, perfect match.
It all makes sense, fills me with fascination & yearning to dig deeper. To know more, feel more, try more, share more, want more. For the better for myself & for others I care for & think about.

Liisa Carey

I’ve just enjoyed another one of Lucy Parker’s wonderful sessions – thank you Lucy! I always feel calmed, soothed and nourished afterwards.

She takes great care in planning out each session, considering what theme will be most appropriate at the time, always hitting the right balance. She loves poetry so she will often find a beautiful reading to share with us within the class which works really well.

I highly recommend Lucy and her incredible team.

Helen Flint

I can wholeheartedly recommend Flow At Home classes. I’m not actually local to the studio (I live up in Aberdeenshire in Scotland) but heard about the online classes from a friend.

Lucy is an incredible yoga teacher. Each weekly class follows a theme and feels like a whole body and mind experience.

I’m so thankful to have found these online classes, especially at this difficult time we’re all facing. I love being able to do the class from home (and no-one knows I’m still in my pjs!)

It’s something I look forward to each week now as it helps me focus my body and my mind for the whole week ahead.

Thank you Lucy!

Debbie Dee

All I can say is thank goodness for Flow at Home. To be able to continue my classes, via Zoom, with Greta on Monday and Louise Morgan on Thursday each week has been an absolute treat. I now have a little corner in my spare room with my mat permanently set out so I can dive onto it as many times as I need to; stretch, restore and get a bit of me-time away from wfh and home-school madness. My daughter also loves her class with Alicia. Thank you Lucy and Flow team for responding so speedily to our new-normal.

Siobhan Fitzgerald

I love Louise Morgan’s classes which have transferred seamlessly to the home environment. Her Zoom classes are faultless and if i’m honest I prefer them to being in a studio. The hour just melts away. If you have not yet tried Louise’s virtual class, I encourage you to do so. Om Shanti. Michelle

Michelle Stanton

Great class yet again by Louise Morgan. Feels like being there in the studio. Gives a normal routine to my week and I look forward to it immensely. Thanks Louise. Xxx


Hi Lucy & Greta
Thank you for the amazing classes I am experiencing through Flow At Home. Not only do I find the yoga very varied and creative, but the whole package is incredibly satisfying. I feel physically and mentally in a happy place and I can’t thank you enough. Namaste.


Ive found Lucy and Greta’s classes a life raft of peace and deep relaxation during these odd and weary times we are all in. For an hour or so a day you get to leave the mundane behind and travel to other places in your body and mind guided by Lucy and Greta’s wise and soothing directions. I can’t recommend their classes at Flow On Line enough..an absolute haven from the world outside. Thank you so much Flow!

Patti Clark

I have just come off line after an hour class with Lucy. Wow I feel so much better. I have let go of tensions, emotional and physical being experienced at this difficult time. I have been set a question to guide my day with more wisdom. I have had wonderful guidance to open myself to what I might be. Thank you

jan steadman

I was nervous about taking part in online classes with Flow at Home but have found it a really wonderful experience. It has helped me hugely to be transported to Flow’s magical space and to work with my regular teachers. Weekly playlists set the scene and the way the sessions are managed keeps it all very tranquil and high vibe. It’s even pushed me to make more space for my own practice whilst I’m at home for the foreseeable future. If you’re feeling unsure I strongly encourage you to give it a go and welcome a bit of flow magic back in.

Kate Mail

Hi Lucy, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed and benefitted from your Flow at Home classes over the past weeks….thank you so much for making them so varied and creative; I feel adequately stretched, relaxed and mentally balanced after each class, setting me up for the day.

Nicki Andrew

Lucy, Ben. It’s hard to put into words what Flow and you give me. It’s not just the yoga – so sensitively and skilfully delivered, not least online – it’s the whole package: the warmth, the creativity, the care and attention you both bring to all that you do. Joining the Flow family has been a real turning point for me. Thank you.

Susan Ball

Pregnancy Flow at Home with Brigid has been an absolute life saver during these crazy times! I look forward to my Monday class each week, knowing I’ll feel relaxed, energised and empowered. Brigid is a fountain of knowledge on pregnancy, yoga and mindfulness. She encourages us all to share our struggles & successes, and goes out of her way to provide additional support, signposting to other experts and resources. I know I’ll have a better birth experience because of her. Can’t recommend Brigid’s classes highly enough!

Claire Penney

As a long term student of Lucy’s Flow has always been my home from home! It is where I come to feel nourished in body, mind and spirit. Lucy and Ben have brought the same skill, creativity and care that makes the studio so special to their online classes…it’s as if we are all still right there! My lockdown life is happier and healthier because of Flow and I am more grateful than I can say.

Sarah Lupton

I always feel so much better after your classes Lucy. In these different times it’s really good to keep some continuity and I love the connection after the class has finished. Thankyou again for making this happen and for keeping our beautiful community of old and new feeling supported

Elisa Forrester

I am loving having an hour or two a week to relax, unwind and breathe in this mad time. Lucy guides us through some good yoga positions and techniques which really benefit both mind and body. I highly recommend learning with Lucy at Flow.

Susan Pigache

I started yoga with lucy a few months ago as I was becoming a crushed tight ball of tension. Through lucy’s tuition, empathy and guidance I have slowly begun to unwind. I love her playful attitude and centred spirituality. She brings professionalism and great humour to her classes. Love it . Thank you lucy.

Alison Fielding

Hi Lucy and Ben,

My husband and I are really enjoying your morning Flow at Home sessions. My 8 year old daughter enjoys joining in too! We all feel relaxed and calm after a lovely stretch with you, which is vital in the strange times. I will certainly be booking more!

Nicola Hanafin

Loving your Tuesday classes, Lucy. You give a calming and thought full structure to me day as well as help for physical and mental well being. I am very grateful for you and Ben off putting on classes in this extraordinary time.

Jane Wood


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