It is increasingly hard to know what approach to take when you are seeking rehabilitation from an injury or illness. We are surrounded by a plethora of options and often these options are conflicting or divided.

At Flow we pride ourselves on supporting our clients through their rehabilitation with a unique, unified and collaborative approach. This approach begins with the husband and wife owners of Flow, Ben & Lucy Parker. Ben uses his 18+ years of experience as a Registered Osteopath to facilitate the resolution to the physical issues we find within our bodies. Lucy then maintains this physical health whilst encouraging and supporting mental and emotional health through tailored yoga practice. Together they might suggest other treatment offered by our Flow therapists or through our network of therapeutic connections locally.


We have a number of tried and tested packages that can offer you a tailor-made rehabilitation at Flow.

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Payment is made to the practitioner on the day of the consultation.

Cancellation policy: Payment in full unless cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.

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Rehabilitation at Flow
Rehabilitation at Flow in Tunbridge Wells
Rehabilitation through osteopathy and yoga