Meditation Tunbridge Wells


This is the view from my bedroom window last week.  Not the ocean and sailing boats of Mallorca where I had planned to be but the concrete, machines and lights of hospital.  Last week, for the third terrifying time in my life, my head took me on an unexpected ride into pain that I can only...
Yoga is freedom

Yoga is Freedom

  So, I got to thinking of all the many reasons I practice yoga and meditation, and continue to do so after nearly 30 years of consistent practice and 10 years of teaching!  Yes, the strength and the flexibility, yes  the calmness of mind and the tool kit of tricks to keep me mindful, patient...
Feeling stressed this Christmas

Feeling stressed this Christmas?

        If I were to ask you if you’ve checked your emails recently a response is likely to be raised in you. Can you feel into what that response might be? Often, we are compelled by reactivity and drawn into action and reaction, even when we really don’t need to respond, or...