Lucy Parker

Senior Yoga Teacher

Lucy co-founded Flow with her husband Ben in 2015. She is a qualified senior yoga and meditation teacher and has been teaching since 2010. Lucy now mainly teaches private 1-2-1 clients in a therapeutic capacity as well as running meditation courses, teacher trainings, anatomy courses, retreats and weekly yoga classes. Encouraging clients to wake up to the truth of their reality, Lucy has a pragmatic approach that uses yogic principals as a steady foundation to help carefully manage the complex demands of everyday life.


Ben Parker

Registered Osteopath

Ben co-founded Flow with his wife Lucy in 2015. Ben graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Osteopathic Medicine in 1999 and since then has been a much-loved and respected local osteopath. He has extensive experience in working with individuals with a wide range of complaints using both structural and cranial osteopathic techniques. He is permitted to see patients during the covid-19 pandemic with robust covid-19 safeguards in both our treatment rooms, located in Groombridge and Tunbridge Wells.


Lucy Bender

Registered Osteopath / Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Lucy qualified as an Osteopath in 2013 and subsequently has also trained as a Yoga & Pilates teacher. She runs both osteopathy appointments as well as yoga classes at Flow. It is possible & recommended to book to see Lucy for a blend of osteopathy and 1-2-1 training, starting in our treatment room and moving into the studio to create a personalised and complete treatment plan.


Melissa Denyer

Sports Massage Therapist

Melissa attained a Diploma from the London School of Sports Massage in 2014. She uses specialist massage techniques to help treat muscle injuries, soreness and pain, allowing her clients to move more freely and to improve posture. She is also a qualified and experienced Pregnancy Massage therapist as well as an experienced practitioner for the treatment of headaches. As a former athlete herself, Melissa has a unique insight into the best methods of massage treatment needed to enhance performance and quality of life!

Nadyne McKie

Nadyne McKie

Yoga Therapist

Nadyne trained as a Yoga Therapist with The Minded Institute, an international leader in Yoga Therapy and mind-body training. Nadyne is passionate about how Yoga Therapy can play a vital role in prevention, management and treatment of various mental and physical long-term conditions. She currently works in NHS acute mental health services, and with private clients and corporate companies providing 1-2-1 and group yoga, movement and health and wellbeing coaching.

Greta Sani

Greta Sani

Yoga Teacher

Greta has been practicing yoga since 2005 and continues to develop her practice with verve. Yoga has guided her through sometimes choppy waters including major surgery but ultimately, it makes her feel strong, flexible and centred in mind/body; this she passionately transmits in her teaching. Greta’s classes authentically weave the ancient yogic tradition into a relevant modern practice re-connecting innate body/breath wisdom. She has become a much loved and respected teacher since she qualified from Triyoga (390hrs) in 2017.


Neelam Patel

Yoga Teacher

Neelam qualified as yoga teacher in 2020 under Flow’s very own Understanding Yoga Teacher Training course. Having qualified we are delighted to welcome Neelam to the Flow teaching team to offer her own unique voice and share her individual style and understanding of yoga. Her classes are inspired by nature, Ayurveda, philosophy and Qigong. Supporting students to deepen their connection to their bodies and essence whilst developing equanimity of mind amid the beautiful chaos we call life.


Brigid Godwin

Senior Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Brigid specialises in the field of pregnancy yoga. She holds both the Birthright Perinatal and Postnatal diplomas. She is an Active Birth Educator and a Hypnobirth teacher as well as a doula. Brigid teaches our pregnancy yoga at Flow and after 21 years teaching is a highly experienced and qualified teacher who will be able to accommodate you whatever pregnancy related condition or special need you may have. You and your baby will be in very safe hands with Brigid!


Louise Bond

Yoga Teacher

Louise qualified as a yoga teacher in 2018 and believes that yoga is a very personal and individual experience for everyone. One that can bring a deeper understanding of our own unique nature and build physical and emotional strength allowing us to embrace life’s joys and challenges. Louise loves the creative aspects and graceful flowing movement of yoga and offers a safe and nurturing environment in which to explore and move.


Sonja Aiken

Yoga Teacher

Sonja qualified in 2018 under the Triyoga 350 hr programme, trained by Anna Ashby and Tony Watson. Her Hatha yoga classes are alignment based and anatomically focused, exploring traditional prāṇāyāma techniques. Her sequencing consists of asana that flow together but also breaks down components of a posture for a deeper, stronger, more fulfilling expression. Her yoga classes are a sacred time for reflection allowing you to uncover and discover along the way, aiming for mental, emotional and physical enrichment.


Charlotte Azurdia

Yoga Teacher

Charlotte’s yoga classes are creative yet alignment-based focusing on a journey of self-enquiry to achieve a balance between flexibility and strength, not only on a physical but also on a mental level. She is a life-time learner and having qualified as a yoga teacher in 2017 she has continued to study and be inspired by a whole range of teachers and yoga styles including yin yoga to balance the yang, and yoga nidra practices to soothe and calm.


Louise Morgan

Yoga Teacher

Louise qualified as a yoga teacher in 2018 with Yogacampus. Her interest in movement and respiration science has led her away from a traditional ‘fixed shape’ approach towards asana, to a more fluid style. She explores natural movement, range of motion and integrated strength in her sequences. She is fascinated by the nervous system and uses functional movement and breathwork to help release resistance in the body. Retaining the deep wisdom and philosophy of yoga, Louise’s classes are an exploration of sensation, movement and stillness.


Hannah Tubb

Yoga Teacher

Hannah qualified as yoga teacher in 2020 under Flow’s very own Understanding Yoga Teacher Training course. Having qualified we are delighted to welcome Hannah to the Flow teaching team. Hannah’s classes are a delightful slow journey of discovery into your own individual needs, helping you to truly unwind. Through slow and mindful flow, pranayama and meditation Hannah’s classes will help to nourish your mind, body and soul. Everyone is welcome and everyBODY is supported, celebrated and respected.

Bella Tiarks

Bella Tiarks

Yoga Teacher

Bella has completed 330 hours of training in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket and Music in Yoga, having started her teaching journey in 2018. She curates classes to make people feel strong and comfortable in their bodies, energised and sometimes challenged. Bella is passionate about yoga for mental health and functional movement. Her classes are fun, uplifting and dynamic based on the Ashtanga series but made to be more accessible.


Elisa Forrester

Yoga Teacher

Elisa qualified as yoga teacher in 2020 under Flow’s very own Understanding Yoga Teacher Training course. Having qualified we are delighted to welcome Elisa to the Flow teaching team. For Elisa Yoga isn’t about being able to perform the perfect pose, it’s about listening to your body, intuitively moving in a way to feel free, to soften the edges, to find stillness and peace and to find that beautiful connection with your Soul.

Maggie Kelly

Maggie Kelly

Yoga Teacher

Maggie’s Qi Gong flow focuses on internal experience as much as technique and alignment. She used Qi Gong to heal from burnout after years working in TV and advertising and trained as an instructor to help share the knowledge of this ancient practice. Her class helps release stress and increase vitality through a focus on organ systems and meridians. She also uses meditative movement to explore patterns within nature and the body and deepen our connection with energy.


Alicia Sinclair

Senior Yoga Teacher – Teens, Children and Adults

Alicia completed her specialist teacher training in children’s and teen Yoga with ‘Calm for Kids’ in London, in 2016. She loves sharing her passion for yoga with children and young adults at Flow. For Alicia yoga, in its broader sense, is about life and how we choose to respond to the world around us, helping us deal positively with challenging everyday situations. Alicia aims to help her young students feel more balanced, connected and spacious in mind and body.