Louise Morgan

Yoga Teacher


Louise qualified as a yoga teacher in 2018 with Yogacampus. Her interest in movement and respiration science has led her away from a traditional ‘fixed shape’ approach towards asana, to a more fluid style. She explores natural movement, range of motion and integrated strength in her sequences. She is fascinated by the nervous system and uses functional movement and breathwork to help release resistance in the body. Retaining the deep wisdom and philosophy of yoga, Louise’s classes are an exploration of sensation, movement and stillness.

Louise has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and experimented with many different styles and approaches as she moved back and forth overseas with her family. After settling back in the UK, Louise decided to train to become a teacher with Yogacampus in London, one of the UK’s top teacher-training centres known for its non-dogmatic approach. This gave Louise the freedom to question everything about her practice, and she noticed that the more traditional shape-based approach to asana was no longer serving her. Her fascination with movement and respiration science informs her teaching, and she has been heavily influenced by the work of Julie Martin, who has moved away from a strict alignment-based approach toward a more sensation-led practice.

Louise encourages students to explore movement to foster healthy, strong and mobile bodies which move (and breathe) with greater ease. This spirit of exploration and curiosity is underpinned by Louise’s love of tantric philosophy, which is interweaved into her classes, giving students a deeper understanding of what yoga has to offer both on and off the mat. Louise is a trained breathwork instructor with OxygenAdvantage®, a functional breathwork training programme designed to improve breathing efficiency, energy and mental focus; this is rooted in the ancient yogic principle that are bodies become more efficient and balanced when we learn to breath less, not more.

OxygenAdvantage Instructor