I was yearning for a safe place to undertake some self reflection. Lucy’s course ‘know thyself’ came just in time. A truly wise and inspirational teacher. I have taken tools away which I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Thank you lucy and the wonderfully supportive group we became. Xx Ali

Alison Fielding

I really look forward to these sessions, they are part of my week now,  I will miss them when we end.
Know Thyself came just at the right time for me.  I needed it, it found me, perfect match.
It all makes sense, fills me with fascination & yearning to dig deeper. To know more, feel more, try more, share more, want more. For the better for myself & for others I care for & think about.

Liisa Carey

I am loving having an hour or two a week to relax, unwind and breathe in this mad time. Lucy guides us through some good yoga positions and techniques which really benefit both mind and body. I highly recommend learning with Lucy at Flow.

Susan Pigache

Loving your Tuesday classes, Lucy. You give a calming and thought full structure to me day as well as help for physical and mental well being. I am very grateful for you and Ben off putting on classes in this extraordinary time.

Jane Wood

I am currently 6 months (1/3 of total course) into my journey on UYTT at Flow.

I can honestly say that I am really grateful that I ignored the voice in my head that said you’re not ready and followed my heart. This course is everything and more than I could have wished for. We are a small group of 12 students and we have become a mutually supportive group of friends. Embarking on this journey changes you in ways I didn’t imagine and I am grateful I am sharing this experience with these friends & supported by the lovely teachers.

Each weekend is fully immersive, and each teacher is passionate about what they teach from anatomy, pranayama, Sanskrit, philosophy or creative sequencing. I feel that they all work really hard & collaboratively to bring us the best quality teaching and training materials from their years of experience in the various elements they teach. Lucy the Senior teacher weaves it all together and brings colour and creativity to virtually everything. All this enveloped in a beautiful sanctuary in the Flow studio.
I work full time and have been able to fit this around work/life. My top tip would be to do the monthly assignments as it really supports your development as you layer in learning.

Neelam Patel

When I grew up as a kid and teenager in the 70s and 80s, yoga was not very common in my home country. My mother went to a yoga class once a week, but as kids we were always a bit mired about what it actually was about. However, we did notice mom always returned home pretty chilled. How, in hindsight, I wished yoga had been more common in those days as it is in present, and maybe even that my mom would have dragged me to a class along with her.

When I finally got into yoga, after and as a result of, sustaining a pretty bad lower back injury, I was quickly “hooked”. I tried out all sorts of classes, met some amazing teachers, still having great learnings. But something was missing. The classes and workshops were great and fed my hunger for knowledge, but I always was left with a feeling that I filed the learnings (and hand outs) in my mind and bookshelf, to revisit those, some day.

Having reflected on various studio offered programs, spoken to different teachers about where they did their initial basic training and who inspired them, it was one day in June a few years ago during a retreat in Sicily when I had a long conversation with one of the founders of the UYTT program. He told me about this program being set up by a group of very senior teachers, whose aim it is to give their students a very profound basic training program of 320 hours. Who feel that aspiring yoga teachers need to have a deep and profound introductory knowledge of not only the asanas but moreover the philosophy of yoga, anatomy, pranayama & meditation, somatic steps, Sanskrit, Aryuveda, knowledge about how to actually run a yoga business, what actually is (expected from) a teacher! Etc., etc. Most important: self-discovery.

I was hooked immediately, applied for the program, got accepted, and didn’t look back. We are a small group of students, that very quickly got close knit, guided by an amazing group of experienced teachers.

If you are looking for a program where you are in for the long haul, an immersive experience, not aiming at becoming an instant yoga teacher in 6 weeks or so, maybe you don’t aspire to become a teacher at first because you just want to get a much deeper understanding about what yoga is about, where you will find the best teachers and mentors, and a group of fellow students that very quickly bonds, this will be your program!!! Don’t look any further.

Bart Gorissen

Bart Gorissen

WOW what a journey of self exploration and uniquely guided by such wonderful teachers, all bringing definite slices of the cake. Joining the UYTT 2019 group has pulled me in to learning again and in such a relaxed environment. Flow and the course are bliss, and so are the group of lovely people learning beside me. I’m really excited to see where this will lead us next!

Thank you Lucy and the team, so much!


I feel so fortunate that circumstances led me to the UYTT course. This course is a personification of what yoga is – a considered way to learn about ourselves anatomically, emotionally, spiritually and philosophically. It is empowering on a myriad of levels. The course is thorough and well balanced with expert, accessible and friendly teachers and guides. The like minded group I am training with makes this as enjoyable and supportive as it is empowering. I do not yet know exactly where this course will lead me but I firmly believe that only a third of the way through I am journeying closer to my authentic self than I have ever done before. If you want to learn more about yoga and about yourself then go for it – you will be the yoga teacher you are meant to be x

Alison Donald

Signing up to the teacher training course at Flow has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! This wonderful challenging course with an amazing selection of inspiring teachers will take you on an inward journey of self discovery. The course is extremely well organised and Lucy in particular is so in tune with the group bringing warmth and fun to every session! I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to seriously immerse themselves in all aspects of Yoga.


Katie Hanes

Flowtunbridgewells become a very special place, when every month you are surrounded by like minded people. It opens your heart, it opens your soul and your mind. I feel so very privileged to have such passionate teachers on this amazing journey of my UYTT. Why not see where the journey will take you.

Elisa Forrester

The Flow UYTT programme offers a beautiful community in which all participants feel valued, seen, and accepted. The teachers are all experts in their field with so many years of experience and individually they offer something truly unique.

As a mum of two young children I have found the training schedule very manageable and the support has been invaluable.

I cannot thank Lucy and Ben enough for offering me a place on the Flow UYTT programme and affording me the opportunity to learn and grow in so many ways, this feels more like the beginning of a new direction in my life and I can’t wait to find out where it will take me

I would highly recommend the Flow UYTT Programme to anyone considering embarking on Yoga Teacher Training.

Sian Hayward

One of the videos shown in my recent all-employee company briefing had a picture of a woman in half lotus. I looked at this generic picture of ‘woman does yoga’ – and I had about a million questions.

Why is she in that position? Has someone told her to be that way? Is she comfortable? Does it work for her body? Why is this pose of extreme flexion and rotation the way we see yoga? Would I ever teach that position? And if I did, how could I help people for whom lotus isn’t an option get something of the lotus feeling or movement?

And I realised that I was viewing this picture completely differently from how I’d have viewed it six months ago, before I started the UYTT course. (I’d probably have been thinking ‘Man, I’m never even going to get to half lotus.’)

I understood I had tools and knowledge that weren’t available to me before – and that was a really intriguing feeling. We’ve got a long way to go but we all as a group feel that we’ve changed already, in what we know and how we practise – it’s a great journey to be on.

Jane Maltby

Really happy I enrolled in the Advanced Anatomy Course with Lucy and Ben. Covering a topic that is so important when teaching safe yoga, all that we learned can only enhance practical knowledge when teaching whilst also giving more confidence when a multitude of scenarios may present in a class. Ben and Lucy share their knowledge in an easy and practical way and there is the added bonus of exchange with other yoga teachers in a relaxed environment.

melissa mailer-howat

I recently attended Benand Lucy’s course on Advanced anatomy for Yoga Teachers. As a yoga Teacher I feel it is important for me to have a good understanding of Human Anatomy. Also to be able to adapt a class for those students who may have a health issue.
This course has given me more confidence as a teacher to be able to Teach with knowledge and understanding.
Ben and Lucy teach in a way that is knowledgable but down to earth ensuring that all students, irrespective of the learning styles can truly gain knowledge of the subject matter. Thank you both. 🙏🏼


I have known Lucy for a few years now, having gone to her Yoga sessions when she first started teaching I found she just had this captivating way of teaching. Life moved on, I moved on so with a few years apart I then returned to Flow to do various Training sessions with Lucy and Ben, Lucy is still her captivating self and between her and Ben they have an enviable amount of experience and knowledge in their fields and they work particularly well as a team. They both clearly love what they do and love to teach also. An added bonus to all of this greatness is the studio is lovely and to turn my great review practical…there is plenty of street parking:-)


I have just completed Lucy & Ben’s Advanced Anatomy Course 2018 at FLOW.
This course has reignited my passion in my continued learning of the human body. The different elements that impact our lives not only on a biological / physical level but also emotionally.
The course included common ailments we come across as teachers of yoga & how to help / support people that want to join in a class or work with us on a 1-1 basis, this was especially helpful.
I think the course is a superb springboard to inspire & refocus those of us that perhaps have lost the time (taken up by teaching & life) to ensure we understand and ‘own’ any anatomical terms / ‘yoga / faddy’ phrases that are easily picked up online or elsewhere & understand what they mean / also to really hone why we say & what we say as prompts.
Ben’s anatomical knowledge is second to none and Lucy’s application of this to a yoga class / sequencing / movement perfectly wraps it up into a digestible serving for those of us that are more kinesthetic / visual learners.
In a world where yoga & teaching is becoming more & more popular, FLOW have devised a program to support teachers in increasing confidence in safe teaching.
They’ve nailed it.

Anna Robertshaw

I have loved Lucy’s meditation classes since I started them recently. They always leave me feel calm and grounded. I am also really pleased that there have been exercises that I can apply in my everyday life to help me feel calmer. The Flow environment is amazing. It is cosy and welcoming. Lucy always greets you with a hug and takes time to find out how you are, which I really appreciate. A little oasis in our busy lives! 🦋

Helen Runalls

Do you remember your first time?😉 I have been drawn to yoga practice for about 12 years. Sessions on an island off the Indian coast really grabbed my attention but it was definitely this gorgeous human being who really showed me the power of yoga 7 years ago. Thanks to her teachings, I was able to keep relaxed and calm and in my own happy place while getting through my entire labour without pain relief while on all fours in the back of a speeding ambulance for 40 mins…Those of you who know Lucy’s story will agree that she is one of the most inspirational and strongest people you will ever meet. However her life experiences have not made her sad, angry or stern. If anything it seems to have given her this lovely strong but gentle aura that welcomes everyone into her yoga studio as though welcoming a patient who needs some sort of healing (physical, emotional or other…). You can’t hide your feelings or needs from her. She is one of the few people I know who can look me deep in the eyes and just know. Many times I have avoided her eyes only to find she has decided to dedicate the whole yoga practice to the very issue I was trying to mask!!!?…She will take you to unknown worlds and places you had no idea existed. She floats around the class as we are all in down dog looking down at our mats and suddenly you feel a gentle but confident hand on your body as she encourages you to move into a deeper position which feels oh so good. She will often begin and end her sessions with powerful readings which sometimes lead to days of contemplation…She finds inspiration from everything and anything not just complex sacred scripts. Once I asked her which guru wrote that inspirational quote as it sounded familiar. “Winnie the Pooh”, she replied.
Thank you Lucy for being you and for having such a wonderful impact on all our lives and our community. We love you x x x


The Meditation teacher training has been profound, fun, down to earth and life changing!

From the the very first contact Alexander and Lucy created a safe and inspiring learning space. They both are such an inspiration and encouraging teachers.. It has been most significant for me to find words and understanding for my experiences and to learn and share with our wonderful group. A perfect balance of theory and practice for me. Personally I especially found the recorded meditations to be most helpfull in assimilating the teachings and my own practice.

Alexander’s way of transmiting universal teachings through his being and life long experience is unique. This training truly combines work on oneself and working with others in the most simple and profound way.

inkeri Lappi / Helsinki, Finland

Whoah!! is my first word!! Alexander and Lucy’s Meditation course was one of the missing pieces in my spiritual journey. It just felt so right and so relevant in my practice right now.

Alexander’s teachings are rich, informative, generous, supportive and enlightening, all based on his own experiences, practice and knowledge. He opens the doors to so many new things and show us the way towards them with magnanimity and kindness. The course is amazingly designed in a way that we discover gradually the content without struggling or burning out. The great hands out are there to remind us the essence of the course and to encourage us to practice and discover the work in our own pace.

Lucy delivered part of the course beside Alexander with wonderful guided meditations, mini classes, deep relaxations etc. to support Alexander’s work. It works perfectly and allowed us to see how to put this knowledge into practice. But also, as the lady of the house, she organised perfectly the meals and all the logistics around the course with regular newsletters and practical information. I never felt lost or unsupported during my new adventure. It was all done with a light sense of humour and seriousness in the same time, the perfect environment to learn! I highly recommend to anyone, future courses coming from Lucy, Alexander and Flow studio. Thank you so much to all the team and surely see you soon xx L

Laurent Roure

I have just completed a teacher training meditation course at Flow. It was a rich, rewarding and amazing experience. I feel very lucky to have been part of this life changing course and to have shared it with such interesting people. The teaching was top quality reasoned and beautifully taught by very experienced, inspirational teachers. I am so lucky to have Flow studio, with all that it offers as part of my life.

Jan Steadman

Two whiplash related ski accidents and an old rugby injury mean that, every now and again, a visit to Ben is essential and a real life saver so that any “seizing up” can be nipped in the bud! I was a sceptic at first but now wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.


Ben Parker [Groombridge Osteopathy] has been a great help for my son, who suffers from headaches and overwhelming tiredness probably caused by his spurts in growth. He knows when it is time for another few sessions with Ben, and genuinely looks forward to his treatment. It’s great having a treatment that is drug-free and effective!

Ali Penton

Both I and the rest of my family, old and young, swear by Ben. And so, too, do my friends. He has cured us all of whatever problem (problems in my case) we’ve had. I can’t recommend him enough.

Bing Taylor

When I first came to Ben Parker I had acute discomfort and stiffness in my neck and shoulders; I could not move my head in any direction without suffering severe pain. Within two or three treatments I began to feel relief and the pain soon faded away. Now I see Ben every few weeks for a ‘maintenance’ session. I had never been to an osteopath before, and was doubtful as to how effective the treatment might be, but I was in so much pain, I gave it a try. Now, my pain has been remedied and the flexibility in my neck and shoulders has been restored.

I am an enthusiastic convert and have no hesitation in recommending Ben Parker.

John Lloyd

Ben now knows my whole family! I first visited Ben a couple of years ago with a calf injury. This I had suffered, and not done anything about, for 2-3 months. However, after seeing Ben it improved and, in fact, got better within three visits to Ben. We moved home and, I am sure, with the stress of moving house my back and shoulders froze – again a couple of visits to Ben and his expert manipulation and now it is fine. My husband has had shoulder and knee problems and with a couple of visits to Ben – all better. My 14 year old daughter, like most youngsters, is a dancer, plays football and loves trampolining. The exercise is excellent but on a young body it can cause problems so with painful knees Lucy and I visited Ben. As always, thorough consultation, manipulation, an exercise sheet to be completed at home and a couple of visits later, I am pleased to say her knee problem has been eradicated.

Ben’s studio is conveniently situated in Groombridge there is plenty of parking he is always prompt when seeing you and I would highly recommend Groombridge Osteopathy.

Kathryn Arthur and family

Lucy works with great skill and sensitivity. She always has a plan but then adapts it to how you are feeling and what you need on the day. Very often, by the way, I haven’t known what I needed. Lucy has been a big part of my recovery from debilitating mental illness and I love and thank her for that.

Elizabeth Piper

Every time I walk up the gravel path to Flow I feel the rest of my day slip from my shoulders and I look forward to just being on my mat in a safe, warm and friendly space. Lucy and all of her different yoga teachers have a true passion for what they do and it shines through. They bring a long history of experience to each class which shows up in their relaxed and confident approach to teaching. There is often humour in the room and everyone is encouraged to work in a way that suits their own body without pressure to perform or be competitively bendy! From my first private lesson with Lucy to my regular Kundalini class with Sally I have always been looked after and walk away each time feeling my energy has positively shifted.

Sam Barton

I started my yoga journey with flow as a complete beginner just two years ago. Lucy was very warm, welcoming and authentic. I was expertly guided and felt in safe hands. She instilled confidence in me I never thought possible. I have gained physical and mental strength from yoga which is now part of my daily life.

Trish Hodgkinson

Ben has provided me with back care for a number of years. He has helped me through times of back crisis and also provides care and maintenance for my back and neck problems. I have total confidence in his professionalism and his diagnostic skills and treatment regimes.

Paul Condon

Lucy and Ben have created such a special and sacred space here at Flow. They have taken the magical core elements of Lucy’s first yoga studio, and combined those with years of experience they both have in their own fields to create an older, wiser, more mindful version of the original baby we all fell in love with. I feel very lucky to be so warmly welcomed in such a special place in the centre of Tunbridge Wells. My life would be incomplete without Lucy and Flow x

Melissa Bandtock

There are yoga classes and then there are communities of people who come together to share an experience of yoga.
Flow is a community, it offers yoga, but so much more. I feel welcome and part of something, I feel safe and protected to find my own way. Flow is a class, a course, a journey or what ever else you might need. Finally I just really like the people who teach and who attend Flow yoga.


I am so grateful to Lucy and Ben for creating such a beautiful, warm and friendly space. Whether it’s a yoga class, a workshop or a treatment, I always leave feeling a little bit lighter and ready to face the world with renewed enthusiasm.

Louise Bond

Flow is such a beautiful space in which to spend time, an escape from the busy world and an opportunity to reconnect with the self. Offering a selection of great yoga teachers, treatments, workshops and trainings, you know whatever you chose at Flow will be some of the best available. A real haven in Tunbridge Wells.

Francesca Gilpin

Flow is now very much part of my family’s life; helping all of us to keep moving and stay healthy. I’ve been coming to yoga at Flow since it started in 2015 (and even before that attending classes with Lucy at her previous yoga studio on the Pantiles). It’s a lovely, unique venue; warm, safe, inviting and vibrant. There is a wide range of yoga on offer and all the teachers are brilliant; committed yogis eager to pass on their love of their own practice. My husband is a regular visitor to Flow’s Osteopaths and my daughter is about to start her own yoga journey by going to a class tailored just for kids her age! Personally, yoga at Flow has helped me cope with lots that life has thrown my way, good and bad, and I know it will continue to do so in the future. It’s a very special place full of lovely people and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Flow to anyone!

Siobhan Fitzgerald


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