Roger qualified in Massage Therapy with ITEC in 1993; BSc [Hons] in Neuromuscular Therapeutic Massage [University of Westminster] in 2009; Diploma in No Hands Massage in 2014. He has been in private practice for more than 20 years. 

Massage Tunbridge Wells


Roger believes massage is primal and fundamental.  He first began massaging at the age of 13, helping to soothe and relieve his mother’s migraines. She encouraged his healing touch spurring him to practice on family and friends. This led led him to professionally study massage. 

In more than two decades that Roger has been in practice, the benefits of massage are now well established.  In the UK, 2.5 million people suffer back pain every day of the year and it is the leading cause of disability ( According to, massage can reduce bone pain and its intensity in the short, medium and long term. Massage can also reduce the incidence and frequency of headaches.

As a result of Roger’s progressive schooling at Summerhill, he has incorporated into his practice an ethos and lifestyle that embraces authenticity and non-judgement.  He offers clients a unique and open space for them “to be whoever they need to be and to feel whatever they need to feel in that special therapeutic moment.”

Roger practices massage at Flow on Thursday afternoon and evenings, Click to request a booking or telephone 01892 671764.


Roger Dwek Massage TherapistMassage communicates touch. According to research by The Touch Institute ( studies confirm that massage reduces depression and anxiety leading to a decrease in stress hormone levels. Furthermore physiological and psychological components play a role during massage in alleviating stress (Field, 1998). Further studies (The Research Council for Complementary Medicine) claim that while massage is unable to cure depression it helps people to cope better and improves the quality of their lives.

Through sensitivity and empathy Roger’s aim is to help clients feel that they are not alone. Roger has discovered that unconditional acceptance is often what a client craves for, even when they feel unable to articulate this. He uses positive affirmations through physical and instinctual touch to alleviate tension and restore a sense of balance and wellbeing. 

Roger’s massage incorporates the following holistic approaches that include a wide range of soft-tissue techniques with or without the use of oils:-

Swedish Massage:  long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration, effleurage (gliding and stroking) and shaking motions.

Neuromuscular:  trigger-points, positional-release, muscle energy technique that works on the connective tissues.

Sports & Remedial: soft-tissue and muscle release, stretch and counter-stretch.

Cranio-Sacral: Gentle and subtle touch to sense imbalance.

Acupressure: works along the pressure points on the Meridians (energy lines). 

No Hands Massage: incorporates the use of the soft surfaces of therapist’s forearms combined with their body weight.  This differs from above techniques that rely upon the hands which may be quite intense for the client. 


Each session is tailored to the client’s unique requirements and circumstances. The aim is to create environments of peace, tranquility and presence where sessions are soothing, invigorating, energising and blissful. 

In addition to massage, Roger’s other interests are holistic living that incorporates raw foods, Qi gong, yoga, photography, Tibetan singing bowls and walking; he is also a qualified ceramics artist (City & Guilds, 1991). He enjoys being a natural nurturing Dad and his adult daughter has received massage from him since her birth in 1995.

Roger practices massage at Flow on Thursday afternoon and evenings, Click to request a booking or telephone 01892 671764.

Tunbridge Wells Treatment room
The Treatment Room at Flow where Roger is available for Massage on Thursday afternoon and evenings.

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