Sometimes one hour is just not enough to fully explore a topic, theme or focus. Our extensive range of workshops allows you time to dive deeper into a new area of interest and explore it in much more depth than possible in a regular weekly class.

Our courses are run to allow you to take that longer term commitment to a specific theme or topic, taking you on a journey of learning and discovery over it’s duration from start to conclusion.

Teacher Training
This teacher training is for people with a thirst for knowledge. Knowledge not just about the skills and techniques needed to become a good yoga, meditation and pranayama teacher but the kind of knowledge, and more importantly understanding, that will ignite a fire in your belly to explore more.

Advanced Applied Anatomy
Advanced Applied Anatomy Training is for Yoga Teachers, Teachers in Training and dedicated yoga students. It is also suitable and relevant for Pilates Teachers and practitioners. The course offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of human anatomy to benefit your movement practice as well as your safe and effective teaching of others.