Lolly Vibrant Vinyasa at Flow Tunbridge Wells

I cannot actually imagine my life without yoga.

My life is yoga. It’s a practice that starts on a mat in a class that gradually, over time, spills out into regular life. It’s often the idea that yoga can chill us out in a very overstimulated world or the interesting selection of poses that we might challenge ourselves with that brings us to a yoga class. For me it was both, I liked the control and ease I saw in my teachers as they moved through incredible shapes and also their ease in general, a quiet knowing, a peacefulness.

I get excited easily, but it can turn to anxiety quickly which feels uncomfortable. I recognised that I too could find this ease and peacefulness and so my journey began. It wasn’t an overnight process.

I’ve had to work hard at developing a deep relationship with myself, listening to my inner teacher and connecting to my breath. Many moons have passed, life has happened and slowly yoga has become a way of life. I have transformed.


I still love the physical practice which with the help of many wonderful teachers, has built up strength, stability, stamina and flexibility. Surprisingly through the yoga poses I started to develop a strong awareness to my breath and through my breath I developed a strong awareness to myself. Beyond the physical practice lies the exploration of breath and the energetic body. Practices that have enhanced my well being and vitality. I get to notice all the intricate, intimate details about myself that I often took for granted. The result, I am happier, stronger, braver, kinder and more patient than I have ever been. It’s been a wonderful, beautiful and especially rewarding journey since teaching, sharing and passing on the gift of yoga for the last three years.

Shiatsu Massage for Pregnancy

I studied Shiatsu first which is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s a hands on approach to stimulate and tonify the energetic system through acupressure points and meridians. A massage with healing and lasting benefits.


I have been practising Shiatsu for 5 years after training in Brighton at the ESS ( European Shiatsu School) and also working closely with Tim Malvagh and pregnancy specialist Susan Yates.

Shiatsu is a form of deeply relaxing, therapeutic massage in which pressure is applied with the thumbs and palms to those areas of the body used in acupuncture. No needles are used, instead stretches, mobilisation and kneading techniques are applied to balance the body, deeply relax and restore energy (Qi).

Treatments are 45/50 min with 10 min consultation time and are given with loose fitting clothing on whilst on our massage table – this allows the practitioner to access deeper layers of energy making the treatment restorative and relaxing.

Each shiatsu treatment is unique and specific to each individual. Shiatsu can work alongside conventional medicine, supporting pregnancy, maintaining health and wellbeing or simply for relaxation. Treatments work deeply which feels beneficial post yoga practice or physical workout or times of stress.

I practice at Flow on Monday afternoons and Saturday afternoons. Click here to make an appointment with Lolly.

Yoga study was a natural progression after my Shiatsu training, and the two together make perfect sense.  My yoga classes are challenging, flowing and relaxed. I welcome beginners but since my style is fairly dynamic, come with an open heart and a sense of playfulness.  I like to explore the breath whilst practising and often add small amounts of pranayama and meditation techniques to the classes.

Classes are Tuesday evenings, 7.30pm and Saturday mornings, 9.30 am and 11am.

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