Friday 29th - Sunday 31 January 2021

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2021 Yoga Jam Home Retreat.

Meeting in the safety of our own homes we gave our guests full access to all the movement, stillness, sounds, shapes, words, imagination, inspiration, nutritious, nourishing creativity and connection of our much-loved Yoga Jam Retreats.

This very special Yoga Jam Retreat allowed us to harness the power of the collective spirit!

Booking is now open for Yoga Jam 2022 – click here for more information

Yoga Jam Home Retreat
Yoga Jam Home Retreat - Flow At Home Yoga Retreat


Our theme for the weekend was Exploring Resilience, Revelation & Renewal

Resilience “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”

Revelation “a surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others”, “the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence.”

Renewal “an instance of resuming something after an interruption.”

We may have started the weekend feeling locked down and low but left ready to leap into February with renewed vigour and a spring in our step!


See what our clients had to say about Yoga Jam Home Retreat 2021
  • Lucy, Just to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, for this most amazing weekend. I haven’t done any yoga, or anything really, for me, for such a long time, and I realise how much I needed it, and to be with you all. I feel amazing, and my teaching really swung today. Everything was just beautiful, from the 8am warm ups to the evening warm downs. I wish it could have gone on for ever. Sending you much love and hopefully see you soon on Zoom.

  • Thank you for an incredible weekend. What a gift you’ve given us all. A sense of hope and renewal and a much-craved reminder that we are part of a bigger human community. So many favourite parts of the weekend – it’s too hard to choose what I loved most. But we did love it all! Becky and I loved lotus flow which really resonated with us. And the night-time sessions all three nights were an incredible treat. Take care and we will be signing on for an online yoga flow session soon!

    Michelle & Becky
  • Lucy.. I am so relaxed I can hardly lift my finger to write this message. It has been a truly wonderful weekend. Having spent time with the flow community and wonderful teachers I realise just how much I needed time to revive and restore. Thank you

  • From the partying vibe on connecting on Friday through to the togetherness of the closing circle and the wonders in between I am feeling such gratitude Lucy. Thank you for being you, for ‘taking that one step you do not want to take’ xxx





Your booking gives you automatic access to all 10 Community Sessions held at special key points over the weekend and which will be delivered to you via Zoom.

In addition to these main sessions you can pick-and-mix more one-hour sessions from a set of 6 as well as additional ‘bolt on’ sessions at an extra cost, should you wish to add more to your unique timetable.

We hope our pick-and-mix options will help create the perfect balance to fully customise your home retreat experience and give you your very own, bespoke Yoga Jam Home Retreat.

We will also meet as a community to ‘book end’ our weekend adventure with an Opening & Closing Circle.

Yoga Jam Home Retreat - Flow At Home Retreat


10 one-hour long community sessions are included in your enrolment and will be shared amongst all guests at the home retreat via Zoom. These are:

Friday 4.30pm – Opening Circle – Lucy Parker
Friday 7pm – Energy Moving Flow – Louise Morgan
Friday 8.30pm – Bedtime Meditation – Lucy Parker

Saturday 9.30am – Opening up to your journal – Sarah Salway

Saturday 11am – Prana Flow for Revelation – Greta Sani
Saturday 7pm – Kirtan Chanting – Gabriella Burnel
Saturday 8.30pm – Bedtime Yoga Nidra – Charlotte Azurdia

Sunday 9.30am – Movement, sound and colour – Maya Morgan
Sunday 5.30pm – Closing Circle – Lucy Parker
Sunday 7.30pm – Bedtime Restorative Yoga – Sonja Aiken


With extra treats!

Our pick-and-mix package allows you to choose 6 of the following one-hour classes to customise your ‘At Home’ experience.

You can also add ‘bolt-ons’ for £10 each to enhance your weekend – including two Zoom session just for kids, if you fancy an hour of peace and quiet!

All classes will be delivered to you via Live Streaming. (More to be added as we approach the start of our retreat). We recommend that you choose to join one 8am class per day and two afternoon sessions per day, afternoon sessions are held between 2 – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Live Stream classes will include:

  • Yoga classes with Flow Teachers
  • Advice and Support with Flow Therapists
  • Extra treats to be confirmed
  • Kids Yoga classes

As soon as you have signed up for the full Yoga Jam Home Retreat you will have access to the schedule for your cherry-picking delight!

Yoga Jam Home Retreat - Flow At Home Yoga Retreat


THE TOTAL COST IS £120 for the entire weekend, per household.

Yes, you read this right, all of the 10 Community Events and your choice of 6 Classes are yours for at total of £120 per household, so as long as you’re sharing the screen you and your parter, children, dogs and cats can all share the love.

This includes all 10 Community Events and your choice of 6 extra one-hour classes. So, 16 hours of movement, stillness, sound, colour, poetry, relaxation, advice, and support.

Bolt-ons can be purchased for £10 per hour session.

Join us, it’s going to be blissful!