Now in its 5th successful year, our Advanced Applied Anatomy Training is designed for Yoga Teachers, Teachers in Training and dedicated yoga students. It is also suitable and relevant for Pilates Teachers and practitioners. The course offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of human anatomy to benefit your movement practice as well as your safe and effective teaching of others. Due to the small intake, this Further Training Course offers a bespoke and tailored approach to detailed anatomical learning. NEW for this intake is the opportunity to choose from attending in person or online via Zoom. We have places for only 10 students in person and up to 15 via Zoom.


The course runs over 7 Sundays, from February – August 2021.  Each Sunday we meet from 10am – 6pm at Flow Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Zoom times will be easily spaced throughout the day with lots of breaks to stop and rest the eyes!

You can go ahead and book your place right now, or if you’re not ready to commit just yet please sign up below for more information and we will send you updates and reminders so that you can make a decision when you’re ready.



For those of you attending in person, each day will have a scheduled lunch hour with delicious vegan food provided for us to enjoy together as well as 2 other short tea breaks during the day.

28 February 2021
21 March 2021
18 April 2021
16 May 2021
27 June 2021
18 July 2021
29 August 2021


The full price for these 7 training days, including lunch on each day, all the notes and handouts and other additional benefits (see below) is £900 for in-person places and £800 for via Zoom. Please see our payment plan below.



It is possible to pay in instalments, on request. After an initial deposit of £300, payable at enrolment to secure your place, 3 further instalments of £200 will payable on the 1st of each month for in person places or £167 for via Zoom places. The latest monthly instalments will be from 1st December through to 1st February. After this time the payment plan will not be in place as all payments must be made in full before the start of the course.

Signing up for the course commits you to payment for the course in full whether paying in instalments or not.


The course will be run by Ben Parker, Registered Osteopath, and Lucy Parker, Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher.

Ben has over 20 years clinical experience as a Registered Osteopath. He has extensive experience in working with individuals with a wide range of physical complaints and conditions. He is particularly interested in helping people understand the causes of their injuries and how to prevent their recurrence. As a practicing yogi Ben also understands how yoga and osteopathy can work in synergy to promote overall well-being and the importance of exercise in the process of recovery.

Lucy has been practicing yoga since her University days and has been teaching since 2010. As a Senior Yoga teacher Lucy has taught over 4,000 hours of group and 1-2-1- classes including holding workshops and courses and hosting retreats in the UK and abroad. As well as a Senior Yoga Teacher Lucy is also a Meditation Teacher and Lead Teacher on our 330-hour YAP accredited Understanding Yoga Teacher Training course.

Both Lucy and Ben are guest teachers on Movement For Modern Life offering bespoke anatomy videos and tutorials.


There will be a total of 56 contact hours and 14 non-contact hours (2 hours per session). The course is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals as a Further Training Course.


The course will follow the following:

  • Functional anatomy
  • Embryology
  • Common conditions and injuries and how these can be incorporated into yoga practice
  • An introduction to concepts such as tensegrity, movement trains, the biopsychosocial model and metabolic syndrome
  • The interplay between the various systems of the body (with particular emphasis on the breath)


Each day will be divided between talks led by Ben followed by practical sessions led by Lucy including an anatomical look at postures, open discussion of the risks and merits of relevant asanas and how to deal with practical scenarios you will come across in your teaching.

Ben and Lucy have different teaching and learning styles that lend themselves perfectly to this course enabling a multi-faceted learning experience meeting your varied styles and preferences.

Ben will deliver structural, medical & anatomical information ensuring you are given the detailed and specific information you require to lay down the foundations of your learning. This will be presented via PowerPoint presentations and backed up with a complete set of very detailed hand outs and notes presented in a pre-bound handbook.

Lucy will then apply this information to living anatomy encouraging students to embody their learning, feeling the anatomy in our own bodies and creating a movement memory of the intellectual information delivered by Ben. This will be supported by the use of life size skeletons (Zebedee and Yorick) and also smaller and specific models of anatomical structures such as the knee or shoulder. Lucy will also use creative, fun and unusual props to gain a deeper insight and understanding of the knowledge imparted through the PowerPoint presentations. We will use touch, movement, partner work and play to embed the intellectual knowledge so it can grow into a deeper understanding.

Uniquely our course includes the invaluable addition of real-life scenarios which you could easily come across in your teaching. This ensures that your learning has been processed and fully understood. The last day of the course will consist exclusively of these scenarios using role play and real-life situations to be sure that you are fully equipped to deal with any anatomical conundrum that walks straight into your yoga classes!

By the end of the course you will have a deep understanding of the human body as well as a working knowledge of common conditions and ailments which hinder the optimal functioning of our anatomy and be able to identify dysfunctional patterns in your students’ movement practice. From this you will be confident to make suitable modifications to your teaching to better assist your students in injury prevention and recovery as well as the management of chronic conditions. Through studying anatomy, applying the information and embodying the felt sense of our internal world, you will grow in confidence as a teacher and scholar of the human body in movement.


This course is held in the stunning setting of Flow Tunbridge Wells, a beautiful and bespoke yoga studio in the heart of Kent. Flow is a fully equipped yoga studio and treatment room providing all your need for comfort and ease.

Due to the small intake this Further Training Course offers a bespoke and tailored approach to detailed anatomical learning.

The course will provide a good opportunity for teachers to bond as a group and to create an ongoing support network between us all. As such we are including a Teachers Community Forum where we will establish a closed Facebook group and an open forum for discussion.

Lucy will be available in a mentor role for advice and support and Ben will also be available for additional anatomy questions and practical advice via email between the sessions.

And, there might be a bit of socialising thrown in for good measure!

All sessions will be catered for with a delicious freshly prepared vegan lunch, and lots of herbal tea for In Person attendees.

A full course syllabus will be sent to you following registration. It is also available on request prior to registering.


Should you require more information, or wish to discuss any aspects of this course with us please feel free to contact Ben on 07881 522101 or Lucy on 07976 439122. You can also email us at or


All of previous students said that the course met all of their objectives, was good value for money and that they would recommend the course to others.

Read what some of last years students said about the course:

“This course offers a unique chance to work with both practical yoga and anatomy. The content is extremely well put together and presented. The rapport in the beautiful setting of flow studio is friendly and open. As a newly qualified teacher (January 2016) I joined the course as I was looking for a practical session to help me understand and further my anatomical awareness. Just studying a book or online course doesn’t work for me. The course is broken down into sections and after each presentation from Ben you work with both Lucy and Ben applying the anatomical knowledge to a physical practise. This part for me was the most fun and as a visual kinasetic learner, highly useful. I would recommend this course to both beginners and experienced teachers looking to deepen their knowledge and enjoy sharing ideas and discussions around yoga”.

“I was slightly overwhelmed by the anatomy part of my 200 hour teacher training class and always knew it was an area I would need to investigate further. The Flow Applied Anatomy course provides a great combination of technical instruction from Ben Parker, but always well contextualised, from his own osteopathy and yoga practice. Ben’s teaching style is accessible and easy to follow and the materials are made available for ongoing reference or further private study. Where the course comes into it’s own is the practical application of anatomy in various yoga poses, which is taught by Lucy Parker. Not only did I learn about my body, but I immediately had some techniques which I incorporated into my next class which students found interesting and enlightening. Finally, Lucy and Ben fully support a psycho/social model of anatomy which fits well with yoga’s traditions and philosophies. They are friendly and approachable and experts in their field.”

“Having completed this course I would recommend it to anyone that feels a need to broaden their anatomical knowledge as well as keep students safe in a yoga/fitness environment. It has deepened my knowledge greatly and was a great balance of appropriate body mapping and facts with applied body work and real-life scenarios. Ben is incredibly knowledgeable and communicates the information in a stimulating and appropriate way – Lucy complements him by bringing the facts back to the body and in particular yoga asana. We are very lucky to have this kind of course in Kent”

“I thoroughly recommend this course to all yoga teachers who want to deepen and refresh their knowledge of anatomy in the context of making their own classes safer and giving confidence to you as a teacher! Ben and Lucy really compliment each other in their areas of knowledge, the practical sessions were great as you gave you the opportunity to understand how to take you knowledge and make it relevant to your students. The anatomy presentation really helped to deepen my understanding of anatomy at the next level. And of course always a pleasure to meet and work with other yoga teachers and get their ideas and approaches. It is a safe space to explore and expand your knowledge- definitely worth doing if you feel you need to refresh everything you studied when you first trained as a teacher. Thank you Ben and Lucy for a truly great course, I have learnt a lot and wonderful to continue my svadayaha/knowledge at Flow.”

For more Testimonials see our Testimonials Page


Signing up and enrolling onto this course commits you to the full payment for the course. If you enrolled onto the course and withdraw from training after it has commenced, there will be no refund due. Should the course be cancelled by us, you will be refunded in line with our policies detailed on this webpage: Important Info

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